To be Macaron or Macaroon? That is the Question

The macaron is a sweet meringue-based cookie that is able to made using the ingredients of icing, food dye, very fine sugar, and your choice of ground almonds or almond powder. These thin icing-filled cookies are extremely popular in France and have yet to have major popularity here in the United States. Though many believe that the macaron started out in France, it’s a wrong belief. The started macaron had actually started out in Italy, created by chef  Catherine de Medicis. The cookie didn’t really become a popular food choice until 1547, when her husband, Duc d’Orleans(Henry II) became the king of France. Since then, the macaron has basically become a trademark (involving food) for France.

Now that you know what a Macaron is, you are probably wondering what a macaroon is and what it has to do with anything. I have a pet peeve list and on that list is probably when people confuse the two even though they are completely different foods. If you didn’t know a macaroon is made with most of the same ingredients except it is made with one huge different ingredient. Oh yeah, coconut! It is actually impossible for me to understand how you can get foods that don’t even look remotely similar to each other. Personally, the French macaron is the better choice of the two because of the various flavors it is available in. It also looks more appetizing to eat then the macaroon which looks like a bunch of coconut flakes squished together without any effort. Don’t let me decide for you on which pastry is better, go out and buy some macaroons and macarons and see for yourself!