Chocolate! It Actually Helps!

Many people believe that chocolate is unhealthy for the body. It turns out, there are some benefits to this delightful candy! There are three types of chocolate: white, milk, and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is supposedly the healthiest kind of chocolate there is. However, all three types of chocolate have their benefits for people. Some benefits of chocolate are that it strengthens the brain, improves the mood, and helps prevent illnesses.  

Eating chocolate can help the brain become stronger. Researchers at John Hopkins University found out that dark chocolate shields one’s brain cells. The chocolate also protects the cells from damage. Testing out this study on mice, the researchers found that the cells in the brains of the mice were protected from damage, especially from strokes. Epicatechin is an ingredient in chocolate. It was found that this ingredient helps improve memories. Chocolate can help make the brain stronger, and can also improve the mood of humans. A study was conducted, and this philosophy was proved right. Participants were asked to complete many tasks. Before the tasks, though, one group of the participants consumed a cocoa flavanol drink. It resulted with that group having less “mental fatigue” than the other participants. While improving the mood, chocolate helps prevent illnesses. Many studies have been conducted, some with heart attacks, cancer, or blood inflammation. It is proven that chocolate can help reduce the likelihood of these illnesses. Eating chocolate can actually benefit us. Many have never known that, but now, parents can let their children go eat their chocolate, especially on Halloween.

I personally believe that chocolate is not that all harmful. It can, in some ways, help one. It also lets one’s mind let go of all the stress they have, or their tension and worries. I eat chocolate all the time, and it calms me down. When I eat it, I forget about everything, and I just live life!


It’s the great debate: ice cream or frozen yogurt? Over the past couple years, frozen yogurt shops have been popping up all over the country, claiming to be the healthier option for frozen dessert treats. Is that really the case? Yes, a half cup of frozen yogurt does have less calories and is lower in saturated fats than a half cup of regular ice cream. But, low-fat ice cream and froyo have about the same fat content, and most froyo shops are self-serve, allowing people to decide how much yogurt and sugary toppings they get. Although shops do offer fresh fruits to accompany the frozen yogurt, most people are more likely to reach for cookie dough bites and “boba balls” over the healthier options. This leads to calorie build up, and depending on how much froyo and toppings you get, one bowl of frozen yogurt could reach 500 calories.



Personally, I don’t worry about the health benefits or drawbacks of frozen yogurt.  I don’t eat it regularly, usually for a special treat after an occasion like a school concert or sports event. . If I were to choose between ice cream and frozen yogurt, I would choose ice cream. I am not a fan of the taste of yogurt, so I normally reach for the sorbet options at frozen yogurt chains like Froyo, instead of the regular frozen yogurt options. It is all based on preferences. If you plan to choose frozen yogurt over ice cream, try fresh fruits instead of candies and baked bites to enjoy a delicious, healthy nighttime (or daytime) treat.



When are you too old to Trick- or -Treat?


Nobody wants to be that downer of a neighbor who tells kids they are too old to trick or treat. But, someone has to do it. You don’t need to rain on their parade if they are behaving, not out too late, and if they have an appropriate costume. Honestly though, when does that happen? The little cuties go trick or treating and are back home sorting their candy by 9 pm at the latest. For the older kids, the time has just begun. Many candy givers have to go to work the next day, so answering the door constantly is super annoying.  In some towns, there is a law for trick or treating! For example, in Washington County, Maryland trick treaters can dress up and ask for candy from 6-8pm, as long as they are under the age of twelve. Seems to me there should be something in the middle of total restrictions, and a free-for-all candy night.

As a thirteen year old, already planning my Halloween costume for this year, I don’t think I’m too old to go trick or treating. However, I’m not going to be super rowdy either. I won’t be obnoxiously loud, or wearing a super scary costume. And, off the streets by 9:30. I do agree, that some people who stay out late, or are disruptive and a high schooler probably shouldn’t be Trick-or-treating. After all, the average kid has been trick or treating since age 2, so at the least they had a good 10 year run. When they have kids they’ll go out for 10 years for every kid. 20 plus years seems more than enough to me.


Froyo World Fantasy

What do you like to do with your friends? Cheshire is a town that never has had a lot to do. Usually we have to travel to a different town to see a movie or to get froyo. Well now in the maplecroft plaza there is a frozen yogurt business can “Froyo world.” This restaurant is a great hangout for kids in middle school or high school.

When you go to froyo world in Cheshire they always greet you with a smile and brighten up your day. Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream. At froyo world they always have a few choices on the actual yogurt. They always get a new flavor every month. Also they have tons of toppings. From candy to fruit. My favorite topping is the mango popping bobas, they explode in your mouth. I would recommend you trying out this restaurant if you want to enjoy time with a friend and eat some delicious yogurt.

 ~ Katie Bartlett