UUMAC Where You Learn to be “U”

UUMAC stands for Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community. Today, UU is being able to find what you think is the truth and meaning to things, in an accepting community while also striving to make the world a better place. I have been going to UUMAC every year, ever since I was born, only skipping a year when I moved to Connecticut. I have gone twelve times and loved every visit. At UUMAC, when not eating of course, we go to morning worship where different concepts are discussed. Then we go to classes where we either blow our minds with different ideas on how to treat people and/or live, get ready for the showcase later in the week,  sometimes read books and make crafts, or watch shows like The Twilight Zone. If we don’t go to classes, we attend workshops, a period during which we have a variety of choices, like playing sports or doing crafts. Once this time of day is over, you can do whatever you want! I usually am with my group of very interesting friends either on campus (UUMAC is held at an university) or at one of the many field trips, like the one to Dutch Springs.

UUMAC is a great place to go to because you can express who you truly are without being criticized. Besides that, all you are doing for the whole week is hanging out and having fun. It is also very interesting because you never know what to expect each day. For example, one year a trip to the thrift store led to an obsession with ties for a group of people. Finally, my experience with UUMAC is this; it is an interesting, fun, and mind opening place for people seeking to find a new group of people that you may someday consider to be a family.

If you are an UU or not sure what you want to be, I would suggest attending at UUMAC or at least a couple UU services. Overall, it is a very fun and enlightening experience.

If you want to learn more, check out the hyperlink to their website above, or check out their twitter/facebook pages.

~Abby Klimowicz

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