Why You Need To Travel To Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia, Temple, Bali, History, Architecture

When thinking of places to travel, Bali, Indonesia probably doesn’t come to mind immediately. But honestly, it should. It is a wonderful place. Bali is considered to have the most diverse plants and animal life in the world. From elephants to dolphins to Komodo Dragons, they have it all. Plus, they have a rich culture that dates back to the 9th century. The climate normally stays around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), because Bali is pretty close to the equator. Who doesn’t want to be in a place with no winter! This temperature also gives an endless amount of activities to do. You can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a natural reserve and Hindu temple, which is a symbol of peace. You can visit one (or more!) of the hundreds of beaches that Bali has to offer. And you even visit the volcanos, or go onto one of their amazing safaris. Bali is an incredible place, with lots to do and see.

Bali is also one of the most unique places in the world. Its lifestyle is calm, the views are to die for, and there is no better place to go. It’s economy also heavily relies on tourism. About 80% of their economy actually. Crazy! This also means that the hotels in Bali are really nice. And also, since the economy relies so heavily on tourism, the people of Bali really make an effort for tourists to have a nice time. Lots of people speak English, and the people are very welcoming and kind. The hospitality of Bali is so comforting, it’s insane.

Bali is one of the most incredible places in the world. I know I would love to go, would you? The places you can go, and the people you will meet are an added bonus to the wonder of travelling the world. Bali is such an interesting place, it really is incredible. This has definitely inspired me to want to travel more, what about you?


Typhoon Rolls Through the Philippines, Death left in its Wake.

Typhoon Haiyan is the name of the deadly typhoon that hit the Eastern Philippines shores on Friday, November 8th. The dead littered the streets along with completely destroyed buildings and homes. This typhoon reached 170 mph when it first it but the winds died down when it got into the central area of the Philippines to about 74 mph. The government’s main priority is to restore power and communications in isolated areas and make sure relief groups are reaching the people that need it. There is an estimated more or less than 1000 people dead, but since time has passed since the article I read, it is most likely to have climbed a few thousand more as rescuers could get to the cut off areas by flooding.

I have had some time to watch home video footage of tsunamis and tornadoes off of YouTube, and let me tell you I have seen how scary it is to be in a situation like this. People hear stories like this all the time, but not many have actually experienced a real live situation. The video I watched was about a man and his wife and daughter, hiding in a closet as a tornado ripped up their house. The woman was crying the entire time, and thank god none of them were hurt. He showed the viewers the aftermath of his home, and showed how cars and other pieces of houses were blown up into their house. Their entire house was destroyed, and it was truly a scary experience for me just watching what they went through. I now have a better glimpse of what happened and how these people dealt with Typhoon Haiyan.


A White Halloween ???

Summer has just ended about two weeks ago. Expecting some nice fall weather? Well its not going to happen because of snow. Yes, snow. Who would have guessed that three days before Halloween, Connecticut and other states will get about 10 inches of snow. Usually, this happens around the of middle December. In previous years, I found it rare to get snow in November. But in October?! Plenty of schools already lost a day(s!) of school during hurricane Irene, and missing more because of this wretched storm. This means that five days will get piled on to the end of the school. Not to mention, this is even before winter!

As you fellow people of Connecticut remember how many days of school we lost last year due to snow. Yeah sure, we missed school but being trapped indoors with no electricity and for some, no running water!   We can agree that having snow like this isn’t fun as it used to be when being a little kid. The reason this snow storm occurred was because warm moist air from the Atlantic ocean collided with cold dry air from Canada, creating a rare storm to cause 10 inches of snow to slam northern New England. This historic weather event will always be remembered.

Nick Roche

Tropical Storm Irene

On August 27th, 2011 tropical storm Irene hit a lot of states including Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, part of New York, part of New Hampshire and part of Vermont.  In total, Hurricane Irene cost about 7.2 billion dollars in damage. Irene was a tragic storm for some people. It created a lot of damage/wreckage to different places. Clean-up in some places took longer than people expected. Some didn’t know the storm would be that  bad. How did the storm affect you personally?

Being in one of the states that got hit was an experience I hadn’t had before. Connecticut got hit pretty bad in parts of the state. Many people and places lost power. Personally, I was affected by the storm. A little farther down my street a tree had fallen down on a power line. The damage was worse for some people but my family’s power was out for 2 days and many houses here have wells including mine which meant we could not stay there for that duration of time. Like I said before though, many people had it a lot worse than I did from this powerful storm.

~Kacie Gagner

When The Leaves Begin To Change

When you hear the word “Autumn” you think of the time of year when the bittercold first comes out of its burrow and the temperature begins to drop.You think its when the leaves begin to change to that muddy brown and dark orange and when they gracefully fall and twirl away from the trees dark and thick limbs. Autumn is when the wind blows heavily and when your cheeks and nose turn that rosy pink.These are all signs of when Autumn is here.  Autumn is the big transfer from those bright summer days to the cold and white winter.

Autumn is a dreaded season because summers gone and that means the arrival of school. Having to huddle under layers of clothing, shivering, and lips turning the color of purple, as you wait for the arrival of your bus. Other reasons why people don’t like Autumn is because of the cold, misty mornings and the frost on every window. Autumn is too dark and gloomy. The newly cut grass turns brown stiff and dead. Families are forced to burn wood all day and all night to keep family members warm. The smell of burning wood is in every house as people struggle to stay warm and toasty. Summer clothes are tucked away in closets lying there all alone in the dimly lit closet. Blankets are removed from storage and are suddenly scattered everywhere in the house. Pieces of clothing are jammed into cracks all around the house not letting the warm air escape from inside the house. All of these things are what happens in Autumn. These are hints of Winter, and its coming soon.

~Christina Withstandley