The Ships of Space

One of the things that I love to think about is technology advanced space ships. When I do end up thinking about this I like to think about how they are built. What they would do. How the would be used and, where they would go. Whenever I get lost in my thoughts, I can see my inside one of these spacecraft exploring the universe as if i’m riding my bike around the neighborhood.

Whenever I picture one of these magnificent boats of space being made I think of the final scene from Star Trek “Beyond” when the U.S.S. Enterprise is being rebuilt. I would picture some sort of advance engine type firing up and preparing to warp with a low humming sound and the humming gets louder until they fire and the ship begins to move at immense speed to some far away solar system, even a galaxy where mankind has never seen before. Speaking of exploration, I imagine ships all over the universe thriving at the fact that there could be a new home (not saying earth isn’t good for humanity) and searching for minerals and more elements on the periodic table trying to advance our technology even more. Wouldn’t you want to see the vastness us outer space without full astronaut training?


The Future Is Not So Far Away!

Have you heard about the 60’s tv show called Star Trek? Well, the starship featured in the show named the USS Enterprise may not be so futuristic now! Scientists and engineers have plans for production of a similar spacecraft in twenty years. You might think, how is our government going to get all that money? Well just a slight tweak in taxes, we can get the money we need for this project very quickly.  We could have one of these spacecraft hurdling through space in no time!

Today, for man to travel to planets in our galaxy is not even really possible. But when we get these spacecraft up and running we could reach Mars in 90 days. With today’s technology we would reach mars in 214 days, which is a big difference and advancement in world history.

Almost all of the specifications are planned out. The ship would be built in space, there would be a rotating gravity wheel inside the saucer ( as shown in picture ) and it would look almost identical to the fictional USS enterprise! It would have 1 nuclear reactor to propel the ship and it is said to have 3 more to make the electricity needed to power it. The spacecraft will function as a spaceship, space station and a spaceport. It will be able to drop off rovers, satellites and other machines to observe a planet or go a different direction in space. There would also be space for people to check out space for the first and most likely only time (there will  be no guarantee that the price will be cheap). Also, one of the coolest most futuristic parts of the spacecraft is its laser it can use for cutting through ice or rock on a planet.

~Noah Perlroth