Turkish Missiles Fly Into Russian Jet

On Nov. 24, 2015 a Russian plane gets shot down by Turkish F-16 missiles. The Airplane was flying on the border of Syria and into Turkey’s airspace. A law states that, one country may shoot down any unmarked plane in their own airspace. Since the law was enforced Turkey has the right to shoot down the Russian military jet since it was unmarked. Vladimir Putin was very unhappy with the outcome. He states that the event was a terrorist attack and that because of it the relationship between the two countries are poor. Barack Obama’s action on this was to talk to Putin about how Turkey had every right to shoot down the plane.

Image of Russian jet being downed by Turkey

Barack Obama looked at the problem and found the correct solution. Since the Russian jet was unmarked Turkey had no idea what was going to happen or who it was. Turkey took the obvious solution to protect its people probably the only one, which is to shoot the plane down. Vladimir Putin’s (Watch 1st video) statements about their relationship being destroyed is only his fault for sending an unmarked plane near the border of both countries. Turkey’s actions were not actions of terrorism it was the Russians who were striking terror into the Turkish people. Now I ask you, do you think Putin or Turkeys actions were the more reasonable one?


Flight 93

Flight 93

On September 11th, 2001, a tragic event happened.  By the use of four planes, terrorists planned to attack and possibly destroy the World Trade Centers in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, and the White House, also in Washington D.C.  The flight planning to crash into the White House was flight 93 flown by United Airlines.  The passengers on this flight were planning to go to San Fransisco, California but little did they know they were flying with three hijackers trying to take down the White House.  The two other planes already had crashed into the World Trade Centers when the hijackers began to take down the flight at 9:28.  They took over the cockpit and began to fly the plane around to head to Washington D.C. The new pilots flying the plane made an announcement to remain seated and threatened them that they have a bomb and they weren’t afraid to use it. Many of the passengers had called loved ones or the police to inform them what was going on.  At 9:39, the third plane had crashed into the Pentagon.  The passengers knew they were being hijacked and began to plan a revolt to stop the plane.  At 9:45, Todd Beamer said two words that signaled the passenger revolt and would change many people’s lives: “Let’s roll”. The passengers took over the cockpit and stopped the hijackers from crashing into the White House but, unfortunately, the plane was seen plunging from the sky at a steep angle and no passengers survived. Nobody was hurt on the ground, and the plane landed at a field near a coal strip mine in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  The strange thing is 22 out of the 44 people on flight 93 weren’t originally supposed to be on that flight.

In my opinion, all the passengers on the plane were exceptionally brave for stopping the hijackers from crashing into the White House.  Because of them, the White House, and thousands of people, were saved.  I also think that there probably are some reasons that some of the people on that plane weren’t scheduled to be on it.  For example Todd Beamer could have left Tuesday night for his work meeting, but decided to spend more time with his family.  He was one of the passengers that took part of the passenger revolt to save the White House.  Adding to this, the plane could have held 200 passengers but, luckily only 44 seats were taken.  I think there was a reason for this small number of people.  For example, if there were more people on the plane, the passenger revolt might not have went so well, and if the plane crashed with more people, more lives would have been lost. It is tragic what happened to the passengers, however, they probably saved thousand of lives and a historical structure.


Do you Want to be a Flight Attendant?

Getting started as a flight attendant is as simple as meeting the basic requirements like minimum age, height, vision, citizenship and customer service experience. The only schooling required for the flight attendant position is a high school diploma.  Questions at the airline interview are the most important factor for the recruiters, because it allows them to get a real glimpse of who you are, and what you know about customer service. Some sample questions include: Why do you want to be a flight attendant, and, if you are working onboard the aircraft when you are approached by a passenger who tells you he/she cannot sit in the seat they are assigned because of the ethnicity of the other passenger. What do you do? All airlines have a minimum age requirement, usually between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. The requirement depends on the airline. Not every airline will require that you already have a passport when you apply, but some will. As soon as you are hired as a flight attendant, you will need a passport, and having a valid passport at your interview is a plus. The incredible travel privileges of flying for free normally extend to the Flight Attendant, spouse, children, parents, and other extended family members. Many airlines now allow Flight Attendants to extend the travel privileges to unrelated friends, neighbors, etc.. Also, once you become a flight attendant you become eligible for interline travel. You, your family and friends will receive discounts of 25-90% on tickets on nearly every airline in the world, as well as cruise lines, resorts and hotels.

I have always wanted to wake up to a job that I am excited to attend to. The thought of waking up every morning and flying to a new destination around the world is amazing. I have always been amazed by airplanes. I’ve always loved waking up early in the morning to go to the airport. Even though the yearly salary is only 16,000-23,000 dollars a year, at least I would have a job that I love, discounts on hotels, free flights for my family, only have to work 15-16 days a month, and the trip/flight is like a vacation with a fully paid hotel stay! Unless you dislike airplanes, why wouldn’t you want to be a flight attendant? Travel the world, visit places you’ve never seen before. Become a flight attendant!

~Sarah Zarra