Jets Put Franchise Tag on Wilkerson over Revis

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets have recently decided to “Franchise Tag” or in other words, claim Muhammad Wilkerson, a defensive lineman. Wilkerson is 6 foot 4 and attended Temple while playing defensive end. In addition, he was the 2010 captain of the Temple Owls as well as being elected the 2010 defensive player of the year. Muhammad was drafted in 2011 by the New York Jets in the first round and the 30th overall pick. He is arguably one of the most feared defensive players in the NFL as well as being an offensive lineman’s nightmare. Wilkerson has recorded a total of 185 tackles, 117 assists, 36.5 sacks, 1 safety, and 1 interception through 75 career game starts. He is currently 26 and was recently “Franchised tagged” by the New York Jets for 15 million dollars.

I think that the Jet’s should have franchise tagged Darrelle Revis. Revis is considered to be one of the top 5 cornerbacks in the league currently. The Jet’s defensive line is pretty powerful and intimidating as it is with rookie Leonard Williams, Veteran Demario Davis, the big man on the line, Sheldon Richardson. As you can see, the Jet’s have one of the or the best defensive lines in the game. The Jet’s depth in cornerback is not so appetizing especially with releasing 2 time defensive player of the year Antonio Cromartie. With this, the Jets leave Marcus Gilchrist, Calvin Pryor, and Marcus Williams as their defensive backs to prevent the pass. Clearly Darrelle Revis would be a better improvement for the team to have. One of the only positives that I can see out of the Jet’s deciding to tag Wilkerson over Revis is that Revis has age on Wilkerson. So if the Jet’s are looking for someone to have in the future to lean on for the defense, Wilkerson wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also, Revis is more well know hence the nickname, “Revis Island.” With this, Revis clearly will be asking for much more money that the Jet’s will be willing to give him rather than go with the emerging Wilkerson who is pretty good and will want more money. Another way to think why the Jet’s picked Wilkerson over Revis is that Revis will take up more cap space than Wilkerson. If the Jet’s are deciding on making a big signing in the off-season and picking up a decent defensive back, this would be ideal to save money, keep your rising star Wilkerson, and pick up a decent  corner in the off season.  Overall this could be a great move for the Jet’s if they plan on signing a cornerback in the off season or a bad move considering that they will be letting go one of the top 5 cornerbacks in the league.


Concussions in Football

I play football. I have also suffered a concussion from it. Concussions are a huge part of the sport. If you have watched more than one game, at any level, you have probably witnessed a concussion. Over the past two seasons, there has been 306 players who have suffered 323 concussions. That means multiple concussions for multiple people. Diseases like Alzheimer’s have been proven to be 35 times greater in past NFL players than everyday people. Most of this is due to concussions suffered in their career. Lots of times the player will go back into the game after suffering the head injury. And the most dangerous time after a concussion is within 10 days. This means they may suffer another one minutes after their first. This can cause the diseases.

Personally, I think their has to be better awareness if a player looks like they may have suffered a concussion. After they are diagnosed, they should still go through protocol to make sure they are ready to play the next week. When I played, I went to the doctors, and got approved to play then my coach had to make sure I was ready by increasing the amount of running and hitting I do each day. I was back playing again in less than two weeks. But most of the time players lie and say they feel fine, but really they don’t. This leads to more concussions within the same time frame, and diseases after their career. This is even bigger in youth football because children’s brains are still developing and can acquire these diseases even earlier.


Big Blue Choking Crew

This season has been a rough one for Giants fans across the country, myself included. The New York Giants just can’t seem to string together a few wins. Before winning last night against the Miami Dolphins, the Giants had dropped 3 straight games. In fact yesterday was the first time the Giants hadn’t choked in 3 games, something that has been all too common this season. In the 3 games leading up to the Dolphins game, the Giants have led going into the 4th quarter in 2 of the 3 games. The Giants were leading 23-17 going against the Patriots and 20-10 against the Jets going into the 4th quarter, yet they still managed to lose both games. In the Redskins game, the Giants managed to make a mini comeback in the 4th quarter just to fall short. The Giants just haven’t been able to finish games, whether it be against the Cowboys, Saints, Patriots, Jets, Redskins, and Falcons. These are six games in which the Giants could and should have one. In fact if it weren’t for this constant inability to finish games, the Giants would be 11-1. A great example of choking is when they lost to the Cowboys in week 1, big blue allowed the Cowboys to score 2 touchdowns in the last quarter. One of which came in the last minute and a half, a situation where the Cowboys didn’t even have any timeouts. The Giants chances at the playoffs are becoming thinner week by week, and this team can only be remembered as what could have been.

This season has been as painstaking as it can get for a Giants fan. I’ve felt the pain of watching this promising Giants team come up short every week. This team really could have been good. As I stated in the paragraph above, if the Giants weren’t so prone to choking then they could potentially be 11-1 instead of 6-7. Every week I watch the Giants blow a lead in the 4th quarter. In a very bad NFC East, the Giants should be leading by a landslide,  yet somehow their on the brink of missing out on the playoffs. Each week the Giants manage to mess up in the 4th quarter and inch farther and farther away from the playoffs. It is frustrating to just see a team that should be locked in for the playoffs, slowly fade out of the playoff picture. The Giants chances at the playoffs are looking bleak, breaking the hearts of every Giants fan in the country. As of the current NFC East standings, the Giants are technically in a 3 way tie for first with the Eagles and Redskins. But when you look at the 3 teams final 3 games, you realize that the Giants probably won’t make it in. The Eagles have a decent schedule, playing the Cardinals, Redskins, and Giants. The Redskins have an easy schedule, playing the Bills, Eagles, and then Cowboys. And then your stuck with the Giants who have to play the Panthers, Vikings, and Eagles in their last 3 games. Unless the Giants can pull off a miracle and win all three of these games, their playoff chances may as well be gone. As a Giants fan myself, I’ve withered through the pain of this mediocre team and now realize that they’re not going to make the playoffs. It’s time to give up on this Big Blue Choking Crew and throw in the towel. We can only hope for next season.


Are the Patriots Chances of Making the Super Bowl Ruined?

Last Sunday, Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots star tight end was hit hard after a passing play. When the medical golf cart came to pick him up and drive him off the field, it was reported that he was swearing from the pain. The Browns defenders went over to Gronkowski before he was driven off to say sorry that he had to get hurt. This act is rarely done and for opposing team members to do that, you know the injury is bad. After the game, Gronkowski’s results were released. They said that he had torn an anterior cruciate ligament and would miss the rest of the season.

I am a big Patriots fan. I’ve went to a game before and I watch every game on TV. When Rob Gronkowski first joined the team, it was clear that he wasn’t like the other players. He was strong, fast and had a mentality that when he caught the ball, not even a tank could knock him over. So when I saw him get hammered by the Browns safety and not get up, it was obvious something was wrong. On all the other plays, he’ll have 2 or 3 guys on his back and he finally goes down but pops right back up but on this play he stayed on the ground. I thought,” There goes our Super Bowl chances. Then the golf cart came out to pick him up and when that cart comes out to pick up a player, it’s usually their last time coming off of the field in the season.



Only over the past few years the NFL has really started to learn more about the lasting effects of concussions. The game of professional football is a very physical sport. Athletes collide with each other at full speed and take blows equivalent to the force of a 30 mph car to the head and body throughout the game. Many times they can develop concussions without even knowing about them and play the rest of the game with them. Last season there were a total of 190 concussions reported in the NFL. Over time these concussions can take effect on the brain and lead to chronic brain injuries. The NFL is facing lawsuits from former players that are claiming that the NFL covered up research about concussions in 1994. I personally think the NFL knew about concussions but didn’t care much for them until they got sued.

The NFL has taken action in order to cut down on the risk of concussions.  In 2011 they implemented new guidelines about concussions. If a player is suspected of having a concussion they will be given a test and if they fail that test then they cannot play. They must pass the test before they are able to play again. This is a good rule on the leagues part because before stars would be pressured to play with concussions because their teams depended on them in order to win. Also the fans want to see them play, but playing with a concussion can only make it worse. Another rule is that if a player’s helmet gets knocked off he must come out of the game for one play. And finally the manufacturer of the helmets for the NFL has taken action in helping to make the helmets safer for the players. The NFL has even donated $30 million dollars to research about brain related injuries. I personally think the only reason the NFL is taken action is because of the lawsuit but atleast they are doing these things to make the sport of football more safe.

~Matt Bonito

The Killer of Football

One of the biggest concerns in the world of sports, mainly football, is concussions. Out of 2,552 retired football players, 61 percent had suffered at least one concussion in their careers, according to a recent survey. Some players, such as former Philadelphia Eagles star defensive back Andre Waters, suppress their concussions for so long that they commit suicide or have depression for the rest of their lives.

Concussions are more recently caused by a single, hard head to head blows in football games instead of repeated somewhat hard blows. The necessary wait time for a player to get back on the field is one game minimum. Unfortunately, football coaches all over the country often try to put players with concussions back in too soon, which usually leads to a worse injury and, in serious cases, permanent brain damage.

In my opinion, players should never suppress concussions from coaches. If you are a great player, you and your team may pay for the decision to suppress your concussion heavily down the road. You might miss a whole season and your team will suffer a huge loss just because you made a decision you thought would help the team. Now that’s irony. Also, I think coaches should never put players with concussions in because they feel better before their week is up. They may feel better, but the conditions and symptoms may still linger. No football game is important enough to risk permanent brain damage. Clearly, concussions are dangerous and, when handled incorrectly, can truly be killers of football.

~Michael Toscano

“How Much More Can the NFL take with theses Replacement Referees”


How much longer can the NFL take from these replacement refs which have not done anything at all. They have made so many bad calls like the Packers vs. the Seahawks when they made one of the worst calls ever. The call was when the seahawk’s QB Russell Wilson threw the ball into the end zone. So 3 Packers and one Seahawk went up to catch the ball and the Packers cornerback M. D. Jennings caught the ball and then the wide receiver Golden Tate of the Seahawks, goes up to fight for the ball. And one ref calls it a touchdown and while the other ref calls it a touchback. So that is one reason why the teams and the fans cannot take these replacement refs. Other reasons are a mix of bad calls across the NFL.

These Refs should not be reffing the professional football games because they are inexperienced and are not used to these games. Also this is not just the replacement refs it is also the regular refs because they were complaining about their pay and I think that they really don’t need to complain because they make so much money. Another thing is that these replacements are from the college level and they do not have some of the same rules. So they might be used to reffing with those rules. And the regular refs are used to making very hard calls but these other refs are not use to making  a very big call. So that is why the NFL could not be able to take theses refs any more.

~Matt Switalski

Shame on the Game for Damaging the Brain

     When you have big and fast guys running at each other in full speed, with the attempt of hitting one another, people are going to get hurt. Unfortunately, injuries have always been a part of the NFL and it’s the commissioner (Roger Goodell) and referee’s job to reduce those injuries while maintaining the integrity of the game. This isn’t an easy task. Yet, it has to be done. Therefore, Goodell added in new rules such as;  no leading with your helmet to make a tackle, (this prevents “defenseless” players from taking hard blows above the shoulder) if a player loses his helmet during the play, it automatically ends, during field-goal and extra-point attempts the defense cannot hit the snapper because he’s in a defenseless position (from snapping the ball), and the kickoff has been moved up to the thirty-five yard line (which limits the number of returns a game).

     I agree with Roger Goodell’s decision of inserting new rules to improve the safety of the players, especially after the suicide of Junior Seau which very easily could’ve happened because of the damage concussions caused to his brain. He played for twenty seasons in the NFL and probably suffered many blows to the head. In addition, the New Orleans Saints Bounty program promoted intentional hitting of people on the head and those who hit the hardest or knocked someone out of the game would get paid additional cash. What I don’t understand is why the players are mad at Goodell for new rules. These rules could easily spare the players five to ten more years that they will live for. However, as stated in the article, “New Rules for NFL Concussions: A Good Start”, “players are not concerned about dementia many years later.  They are concerned about the next practice, the next game, the next paycheck, and the next contract.” These are the main reasons NFL players have an average life expectancy of around fifty-five years. Except this year the league is making an effort to flip that statistic around. My advice to the players, keep your mouth shut.

~Andrew Mayano

The Rise of the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots football team is an association that was founded in 1959  by Billy Sullivan and originally played in the AFL. In the 1970’s the Patriots were moved to the NFL and put in the AFC East. In 1985 the patriots made it to the Super Bowl where they lost to the Chicago Bears 41-10. Again, in the late 1990’s the Pat’s made it to the Super Bowl but were to lose yet again; this time to the Green Bay Packers. Finally in 2000 the Patriots decided to take a gamble on Bill Belichick, a young coach fresh out of the New York Jets Association. This was an automatic success and there was a bond between Tom Brady and the new coach that was unlike any other in the league. The patriots went on to win 3 Superbowls in 4 years. They also went 16-0 in the regular season of the ‘07-’08 season.

I believe that as of now the Patriots are the best team out there. They have one of the best QB’s in the league as well as the best tight end and a stellar receiving crew. They have also devoted most of the 2012 NFL draft to defense. They took their first round pick out of Alabama, Dant’a Hightower, as well as a d-end named Chandler Jones and other upgrades in the secondary. Although the Patriots lost the Super Bowl in 2012 to the New York Giants it shows that they still have it in them and are expected to make the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots dominated their first game against the Tennessee Titans, winning 30-13 and shaking off the pre-season rust. The Patriots are the the best team in the league, I have no doubt in my mind that they will have a great season this year.

~Adler Demac

All Aboard the Tebow Train!

How did the Denver Broncos win their first playoff game since 2005 last year. The answer: First round 2010 NFL draft pick Tim Tebow. Tebow has been dominating the NFL with his skill and prowess. Tim Tebow became Denver’s starting quarterback in the sixth game of the 2011 season. With a 1-4 record upon his promotion, Tebow led the Broncos all the way to an AFC West title and a playoff game, their first since 2005. During the offseason he was traded to the New York Jets. It is still unknown what his permanent position will be.

My question is: Why is there so much negativity towards Tebow? Is it the fact that he is the only sophomore to win a Heisman trophy? Is it because he openly shares his Evangelical Christian faith? This remains a mystery. After all, he has thrown many touchdown passes and he led his team to the playoffs. That is his job as QB. Is it not? In my opinion, Tim Tebow is one of the best players in the league. Why? Well, he is like a jack-of-all-trades. Early in the season we saw him placed at wide-receiver. When he became a starter, he dumped short passes to get first downs. Tebow has showed his great running ability by rushing as a QB. We have also seen him blocking for a running back after making a handoff! He can catch, throw, run and block. He is also one of the most humble players on the field. What more could you ask for?

~Arman Cabral