The Hardest Puzzle In The World

So I know what ya’ll were probably thinking when you first heard the title, “What’s so important if there’s a hard game that tests knowledge?” Except this post is about something totally different and more serious. I’m talking about Autism, a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. Also about special needs, a  particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioral difficulties. Yes, you’ve probably heard before, “Every kid is special in their own way,” but what does it actually mean when people refer to special needs children. “This means any kid who might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, or learning problem. These kids have special needs because they might need medicine, therapy, or extra help in school — stuff other kids don’t typically need or only need once in awhile.” You may be thinking, “So what? I know what that is, but what more should I know?” Yes, you may know what is is, but no one I’ve ever met has ever had a full understanding of it unless they have a connection with someone who has it. However, whenever I touch this sensitive subject it’s as if people want to avoid it or just leave it out of the picture, but the truth is you can’t.

Again I know some of you reading this know not to tease or think less of the special needs, which means you were taught right. On the other hand, some are less fortunate to not have. So, when they see someone talking differently or having a helping teacher they point and laugh, but once they find out what they have they immediately stop. That’s the problem no matter if they have specials needs or not they’re human. They’re just like us and all they’ve ever wanted is to be treated the same way as everyone else. I know it may seem like I’m ranting on and on about a subject you may not care about, but I do. Why do I seem to care a lot about this matter? Is it because I want a good grade, or is it because my parents forced me to? The reason I care so much about this matter because all my life I’ve lived around special needs.

So what’s the point of this ongoing blog post? Well it’s me telling all of you to become friends with a special need. Please don’t let them wander the halls, eat alone at a lunch table, or to find that all the people they thought were their friends made nasty jokes about them behind their back. All I want is for you to open your heart to someone who needs it truly. Now is that too much to ask? I’m not asking you to dis all your friends, but to simply to make them feel accepted or hang with them with your original friends. If you think it’s too much of a risk because you might be judged by your friends,  then I guess you gotta ask yourself this question, are you hanging around the right kind of people? Another question you might want to ask yourself if you would get embarrassed being seen with a special needs kid is, what kind of person does that make you?


What is Social Media Doing to Our Society?


Social media seems to have evolved and taken over the 21st century. Everywhere we go, people are “tweeting” or “instagramming,” sharing pieces of their life with their friends and followers. Social media shares information with people all around the world, keeping everyone updated about your personal life. There are many different social media websites now, ranging from public videos on Youtube to photo sharing on places like Snapchat. Social media has increased communication around the world. It’s easy enough to just a shoot a quick text or message someone on Facebook, and they could contact you from anywhere. With the pros of this new technology comes cons, and there are quite a few. It limits to face-to-face socialization and cyber bullying has become a huge issue. Keeping this in mind, we have to ask ourselves- is social media running our lives?

I think that social media can be greatly beneficial to society, but it needs limits. It can help to improve business, and is a part of many peoples’ daily life. I love going on Twitter and seeing what people have to say! That being said, it should have boundaries. Updating your status every 5 seconds is not going to help you land a job or get an A+ on your next test. I believe that everyone needs to take a step back from this revolution and see what really matters. True socialization is dying in society and by simply having a conversation with someone in person, or going out with friends, you can help to save it.


Cell Phones: Helpful or Distracting ?

Cell phones are a must have device now days. I can tell you at least 99% of the people I know have cell phones. They are a great source when you miss the bus, forget some homework, need a ride home from somewhere, etc. Kids use them constantly and make teachers not want them in school. These kids are just ruining these privileges for everyone else. Do you think its fair when everyone elses privileges are taken away because of a few kids. No, of course not! Cell phones are for emergencies, and aren’t supposed to be distractions during school hours.

Personally, I think cell phones are pretty cool. Well of course I do! I’m almost a teenager and teenagers can’t live without them. However, for kids my age, I think an iPhone or Galaxy X3 is too much. I am a contender of this nonsense. I happen to have a smartphone myself but I don’t over use it unlike many of my classmates.  I think a good flip phone that can call and text would be fine for someone my age. It gives all the basic functions someone like me would need. Now I ask you fellow reader, does it seem right for a 4th grader to have a cell phone? I didn’t think so. My little cousin is in 4th grade and she has a cell phone! These days, cell phones are no longer for emergencies. They are now just something that almost everyone has.


Should Middle Schools have Recess?

There have been many debates about whether or not middle schools should make recess part of the students day. There are many good reasons why it can go either way. For example, kids should have recess because research shows that students brains function better if they have a break during the day. Also, it makes them intake the information better. One reason, students should not have recess is because parents notice their children get injured a lot outside at recess. They like it better when their kids come home with no injuries.

I personally think that middle schools should make recess part of a student’s day. I believe this because recess is a time where you can see your friends that you don’t typically see throughout the day.  Also, it gives you the time to regroup yourself if you have been having a rough day. Another reason is, you should always be exercising everyday. For some people it is hard to do that so, this is time of the day when you can get that exercise. What do you think, should middle schools have recess or not?


When are you too old to Trick- or -Treat?


Nobody wants to be that downer of a neighbor who tells kids they are too old to trick or treat. But, someone has to do it. You don’t need to rain on their parade if they are behaving, not out too late, and if they have an appropriate costume. Honestly though, when does that happen? The little cuties go trick or treating and are back home sorting their candy by 9 pm at the latest. For the older kids, the time has just begun. Many candy givers have to go to work the next day, so answering the door constantly is super annoying.  In some towns, there is a law for trick or treating! For example, in Washington County, Maryland trick treaters can dress up and ask for candy from 6-8pm, as long as they are under the age of twelve. Seems to me there should be something in the middle of total restrictions, and a free-for-all candy night.

As a thirteen year old, already planning my Halloween costume for this year, I don’t think I’m too old to go trick or treating. However, I’m not going to be super rowdy either. I won’t be obnoxiously loud, or wearing a super scary costume. And, off the streets by 9:30. I do agree, that some people who stay out late, or are disruptive and a high schooler probably shouldn’t be Trick-or-treating. After all, the average kid has been trick or treating since age 2, so at the least they had a good 10 year run. When they have kids they’ll go out for 10 years for every kid. 20 plus years seems more than enough to me.


Horrible Kenyan Mall Shooting!

People have died in the nations’ capital of Nairobi, Kenya after a major mall shooting on Saturday September 21, 2013.  The group known as Al-Shabaab took over Westgate Mall and randomly killed people.  Unfortunately, Kenyan men, women, and children have been innocently shot and killed in this awful take over of the mall.  People are still missing under the collapsed building and 67 people have been confirmed dead. A widely popular radio show host, Ruhila Adatia-Sood and her unborn child were killed in this shooting. Many viewers of the radio show, Radio Africa, are grieving for her and her family. The wait for the other victims is still so unbearable for the community. To read more on this event, please click on this link.

This situation at the Westgate Mall was horrible and dreadful.  It was a really bad moment in time.This group, Al-Shabaab is very evil and cruel. I feel really bad for all the families and friends of the people who died in this tragic shooting. The children whose parents died are never going to have the same life. It would be super difficult for me to go on in life with one parent.  Life for the people of Nairobi, Kenya now will be very difficult.


Let’s Get A Rink Rolling!

Cheshire prides itself on it’s great school system, but the teens who live here wish Cheshire had something else aside from great schools.  Almost anybody you talk to will agree Cheshire needs more places for friends to hang out and have a good time.  Driving 45 minutes on a Friday night just to go roller skating is a big inconvenience and a waste of time.  That is why I think that the town should open up a roller skating rink here in Cheshire.  This would give teens something to do without having to travel far.  The town would also make lots of money from this because it doesn’t cost much to maintain and I’m sure tons of people would go to roller skate.

I really think this is a good idea, because I know all my friends, including myself, would love to go roller skating somewhere close by.  This would also be beneficial to our parents because we can be closer to home and they don’t have to drive for such a long time.  A roller skating rink would be good because you can go there every season.  During fall and winter you can escape the cold but still be active and enjoy yourself, and in summer and spring you could get away from the heat without having to go swimming.  The last reason I think a roller skating rink would be good is because you don’t only have to roller skate.  In this rink, for example, you can play in the arcade or grab some food with a friend, keeping you entertained for hours, proving it to be well worth the cos

~Nina Casapulla


Bullying has forever been an issue in schools everywhere, but today, with all of the new technology, cyberbullying has become a bigger problem. Cyber-bullying is when a child or teenager is teased, harassed, threatened, etc. by another child via internet, mobile phones or another communication device. Messages may be sent directly to the victim (direct attacks)  or be ganged up by a number of cyber bullies. Cyber-bullying is usually caused by revenge, anger, or just pure entertainment. Many cyberbullies bully for the laughs or acceptance of others.

Bullies often cyber-bully because traditional bullying is face to face with the victim and there’s a lot of humiliation involved within the action. Cyber-bullying allows the bullies to harass the target without their identity being shown or a large audience supporting the bully. Cyber-bullying is becoming a more common use of teasing someone because of the technology source available today.  Bullying only takes place when a victim and a bully interact face to face so its much easier to try to avoid. Cyber-bullying can happen anytime or anyplace because of instant messaging.

Bullying is becoming less popular, but unfortunately cyber-bullying is becoming more and more common. To prevent cyber bully attacks you can take action against bullies. Kids need to respect one another, and treat others the way they want to be treated. If cyber-bullying has been already occurring, telling a parent or trusted adult can help stop bullies.

~Katie Tomko

I Bet Willy Wonka is Even Jealous?

Shanghai, China has welcomed visitors to its new Theme Park. I guess your thinking something different like roller coasters and water slides, but no this is a theme park where everything is made out of chocolate. The reason this wonderland was created was to unite the East and West. Bringing together these cultures, creators where allowed to come up with different ideas. They used the western and eastern cultures history together to come up with clever and unique exhibits. A day before they opened the Chocolate Wonderland, there was a fashion show. This wasn’t just any fashion show, but the clothes the models wore were made out of Chocolate.

Not only is this a interesting place, it makes it more fun when you love sweets. Its pretty much a dream come true for kids.At this wonderland of chocolate, there are many different things they created. One example is Chinese porcelain vases. The other thing about this interesting place is that the different articles made are almost as if they are real.The Chocolate Wonderland is for both young and old(I would sure love to go there). The Chocolate Wonderland will remain open until February 19th, 2012.

~Marli Green

Acting Too Mature

Nowadays, I see kids (6-10 year old) dressing like adults. They wear overly expensive designer brands. Once, I went to the mall and saw a seven year old wearing a lot of makeup and carrying a Coach purse. My jaw almost dropped to the floor. I mean, I don’t even have a purse, especially not a designer brand like Coach. As the generations come and go, younger kids are dressing much differently than my friends and I did when we were in elementary school. I wore Limited Too and Gap kids.

Also, the kids watch a lot of inappropriate TV shows. They watch shows like Jersey Shore. When I was younger I was watching “Drake and Josh,” “Dexter,” etc. But, I think that having this on TV is not good for all ages. I like to watch Jersey Shore but, I’m fourteen and they’re seven. There’s a big age difference.  Finally, to conclude, I think that parents should not be letting all this slip by so easily for their young children.

~Sonja Pejovic