The Ships of Space

One of the things that I love to think about is technology advanced space ships. When I do end up thinking about this I like to think about how they are built. What they would do. How the would be used and, where they would go. Whenever I get lost in my thoughts, I can see my inside one of these spacecraft exploring the universe as if i’m riding my bike around the neighborhood.

Whenever I picture one of these magnificent boats of space being made I think of the final scene from Star Trek “Beyond” when the U.S.S. Enterprise is being rebuilt. I would picture some sort of advance engine type firing up and preparing to warp with a low humming sound and the humming gets louder until they fire and the ship begins to move at immense speed to some far away solar system, even a galaxy where mankind has never seen before. Speaking of exploration, I imagine ships all over the universe thriving at the fact that there could be a new home (not saying earth isn’t good for humanity) and searching for minerals and more elements on the periodic table trying to advance our technology even more. Wouldn’t you want to see the vastness us outer space without full astronaut training?


Humans on Mars?

Putting the first man on the moon was one thing, but putting humans on Mars is the next step and is proving to be a lot more difficult. Although we have had robotic exploration of Mars for over 40 years and had the first rover land on Mars in 1997, we still aren’t close to prepared to send humans to Mars. Human exploration of Mars begins with the low-Earth orbit around the International Space Station to test communication devices needed for deep space exploration and how to protect astronaut’s health in deep space. NASA’s next step which is stated on their website is to send robots to redirect an asteroid to orbit around the moon to explore it in the 2020’s. However, NASA isn’t expected to send people to Mars until at least 2027 which has come with some controversy.

Many people think that the mission should be given more time to avoid possible errors and safety hazards. Although despite controversy there have surprisingly been over 200,000 men and women to sign up around the world. Keep in mind that this is also only a one way ticket because when you sign up to go to Mars there is no coming back. This number has to obviously narrowed down to a select few to actually go to Mars and so there is a training and then selection of who gets to go. During this selection one of the finalists in the Mars One program accused the officials in saying that their process of choosing is flawed because the top candidates helped finance the program. What do you think about this mission, would you ever go to Mars? I would definitely not but obviously there are people here on Earth that are completely comfortable with living on Mars for the rest of their lives.