Boxer and Father Fight Together

In La Puente, California, a young boxer, Leo Santa Cruz, is preparing to win back his super featherweight boxing title. In July of 2016, Leo lost his first professional fight to undefeated Carl Frampton. During Leo’s training, he says he still can hear the ringing of his loss like a direct blow to the head which gives him a drive to avenge himself as one of the best. Leo’s father and trainer, Jose Santa Cruz Sr, is also fighting a hard fight. Except it’s a fight for his life. He has taken the ultimate body blow… cancer. However, Jose still manages to make it to the rink to watch his son fight. Leo’s fight will take place on January 28, 2017.


Leo Santa Cruz

My opinion on this topic is that it is a very sad for the boxer and his family. However, it made Leo desire the win in his championship fight even more because he wanted to win for his father and he was dedicating the fight to his ill dad. I think that this is a very dear thing that Leo Santa Cruz did for his father because it shows how much love and respect he has for Jose. Leo says that he was training the hardest he has ever trained in his life and his dad was with him through the whole thing. This shows that Leo and his father Jose have a very strong relationship with each other and how much Jose cares for Leo’s career even through his hardships.


Important to Him Important to Me

Something very important to me is my dad’s old teddy bear. When I was six years old my dad gave me his teddy bear to keep as my own. He had it since he was a baby which makes it over 40 years old! His teddy bear’s name is Teddy. Teddyis an orangish brown bear with a faded red tie (so faded now thats it a light pink almost white). You can tell that he has been loved for many years, by the worn away fur, the stitched up holes and the loose eyes.  I will love the teddy bear as much as my dad does.

I will keep the teddy bear and give it to my child when the time comes, and hopefully my child will give it to theirs and so on.  This bear means a lot to me. It has helped me mentally when I was sick, and sad and sometimes when I was mad. He has been a friend when I thought I didn’t have any, he listens without judging, and he holds my deepest secrets. I will never forget the day my dad gave me his best friend. I can see what my dad saw in this bear and I will cherish the bear for a long time.Will he always be there? Will I take him to college?Will he be next to me when I’m married? Or will he be stored away in the attic for safe keeping until the time comes for him to become someone else’s best friend? Only time will tell. For now he’s got a job to do; be with me.

~ Zachary Warner

Keep On Walking

While reading a magazine, I came across a very inspirational quote. It had me stop reading for about a minute, and I looked into the deeper meaning of this sentence. “He who limps is still walking.” by Stanislaw Lec. To me, this quote means you might go through tough times in your life but you are still moving on and getting older. For example, my father died last year. It was defiantly one of the hardest things I would ever have to deal with. But, I was still moving on with school, sports, friends, family, etc. It was very sad, and I walked with it on my shoulders everyday. It weighed me down, but I was still able to get through 7th grade. People might not know what’s going on in your life, because you follow through and keep on walking.

~Alaina Capasso