Dress Code, Harmful or Helpful?

You may have run into the moment where you had to change what you were wearing to meet the requirements of the school dress code. What is dress code you may ask? Dress codes are requirements given by the school, on what you can and cannot wear. Dress codes have been around for centuries restricting your clothing choices, but the first school dress code law was established in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Some people find dress codes bothersome and unnecessary, while others say it helps keep students from being distracted while promoting discipline. This brings up the question: does dress code really help shape students to their advantage?

Some people think that dress codes are unfair and assist to the shaming towards females. Dress code rules state that they help “prevent distractions towards young boys.” But the reasoning here is that girls should not have to change what they wear for the boys, boys should learn and respect what the girls wear. And to think that boys cannot learn if they can see a girls shoulder is said to be absurd. Dress code as well as telling girls to change, can be hard to follow. In an article by Mckenzie Foust, she dressed according to school dress codes around the country. She said, “I was appalled to see what schools were calling dress code violations for and some of their punishments. This article showed me just how easy I had it.” Although, the other side of the argument is that it encourages students to learn more and worry less about their fashion choices. Dress codes have been proven to decrease the pressure on wardrobe choices for students. In addition, dress codes decrease the amount spent on clothing because they do not have to buy clothes based on expensive trends. This decreases the amount of bullying and the pressure to look popular. In my opinion I think that we should start teaching everyone, from a young age, not to be distracted or judgmental of other’s clothing. Dress codes are important to teach students what is appropriate to wear, however extreme dress codes with punishments are not needed. Nevertheless, what do you think about dress codes? Are these rules necessary or beneficial to students education and growth?


Good Shoes for a Good Cause


Think about all of the shoes sitting in your closet right now… Can you imagine living without any shoes? Unfortunately, for children living in less fortunate communities, this is a reality. But the company TOMS strives to change this. One sale means more than just new shoes for a customer; it means a new pair of shoes for a person in need.

TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie, who while traveling in Argentina, discovered the hardships of children living without shoes. Blake knew right away he had to help. Then came the idea to create TOMS. The catchphrase of the brand is, “one for one”. This is because the idea of the company was that for every purchased pair of shoes, another pair of new shoes would be sent to a child in need. What started as a simple idea, soon became a booming business that helped children in many developing countries. The idea of TOMS supports the idea of helping others in need and advancing the opportunities for children and communities all around the world.

Along with providing shoes to those in need, the company offers additional services that are very important to the lives of others. For example, TOMS sells eyewear, and with each purchase, customers have the opportunity to help restore sight to people who need it. Also, with each purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee, they help deliver clean drinking water to places who don’t have any. TOMS sells bags inspired by the different cultures of the villages and communities they help, and with a purchase of one bag, they provide a safe birth for a mother and baby who require it.

TOMS is a simple but great way to give to others who need it. Next time you are at the store and see a TOMS product, think about the good it could do for someone around the world and consider helping them out with a simple purchase. Every time you put on those shoes, you will think of the good that YOU have done for a person in need.



When you buy clothes, how much do you spend? Probably not a thousand dollars. And if you do, it’s probably not on just one thing. Well, Gucci has a dress for $1250. And, its just a normal dress, there isn’t anything really special about it. When I saw the dress before I saw how ridiculous the price was, all I saw was a dark blue dress with a metallic gold painted ring in the middle. It was kind of pretty, but it was also kind of plain. Then, after I saw the price tag, I was confused. Why would such an ordinary dress cost so much? But then I saw the word “Gucci” in small letters in the ring. Even more expensive is Jimmy Choo, a well known shoe designer, who designs shoes that cost from about $400- $2000. Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking. Nobody would spend that much on a single pair of shoes. However, there is a decent amount of people who would.  Don’t get me wrong, I love designer fashion (a lot), but there are limits.

I just don’t get it. There aren’t that many people who would spend that on a single dress. As for the shoes, I saw a pair that looked just like those in another store for about $70. And even though those Jimmy Choo shoes are high quality,I wouldn’t spend an extra thousand just for a designer logo. Think about it: how much are you willing to spend for fashion?

~Gabriella Terry