Good Shoes for a Good Cause


Think about all of the shoes sitting in your closet right now… Can you imagine living without any shoes? Unfortunately, for children living in less fortunate communities, this is a reality. But the company TOMS strives to change this. One sale means more than just new shoes for a customer; it means a new pair of shoes for a person in need.

TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie, who while traveling in Argentina, discovered the hardships of children living without shoes. Blake knew right away he had to help. Then came the idea to create TOMS. The catchphrase of the brand is, “one for one”. This is because the idea of the company was that for every purchased pair of shoes, another pair of new shoes would be sent to a child in need. What started as a simple idea, soon became a booming business that helped children in many developing countries. The idea of TOMS supports the idea of helping others in need and advancing the opportunities for children and communities all around the world.

Along with providing shoes to those in need, the company offers additional services that are very important to the lives of others. For example, TOMS sells eyewear, and with each purchase, customers have the opportunity to help restore sight to people who need it. Also, with each purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee, they help deliver clean drinking water to places who don’t have any. TOMS sells bags inspired by the different cultures of the villages and communities they help, and with a purchase of one bag, they provide a safe birth for a mother and baby who require it.

TOMS is a simple but great way to give to others who need it. Next time you are at the store and see a TOMS product, think about the good it could do for someone around the world and consider helping them out with a simple purchase. Every time you put on those shoes, you will think of the good that YOU have done for a person in need.


My Shopping Addiction Helps Needy Children? SAY WHAT?!?!

Blake Mycoskie traveled to Argentina in 2006, and befriended young children, but he felt horrible when he noticed that most of them walked around with no shoes. These kids would have deep, painful cuts on their feet,that led to dangerous infection. Besides medical hazards, tons of these children  are denied schooling because shoes are mandatory for their school uniform. Blake realized that these children may never learn how to read, just because because their families couldn’t afford a pair of shoes. This guy wanted desperately to help, so he created Toms Shoes  which is a radical shoe company. Whenever a pair of Toms is bought from a customer, a new pair of shoes is delivered to a kid in need.

My hot pink Toms came in the mail yesterday and I’m in love with a pair of shoes. If I close my eyes, it feels like I’m walking in a bowl of cushy marshmallows. Not only do my feet feel like heaven, but now I feel amazing because my random purchase sent shoes to a kid in Africa (or another poor place) who really needed them! Toms are cute, comfy, and affordable at $54, but one thing annoys me. Today when I was walking to my bus stop,  I slipped on ice, and basically fractured my butt because these shoes are so dang slippery! They have 0% traction but it’s still worth the sacrifice, just don’t wear them when you’re surrounded in black ice. This doesn’t make these shoes any less cute though, so put your shopping addiction to good use! Buy a pair of Toms for yourself, and give a kid a better future.

~Christina Nguyen