O Canada “Reaching Its Capital”


Many people probably didn’t even know much about this country until Trump was running for America’s President in 2016 and we all threatened to move there, or when Drake released his newest album. Besides these reasons, what is the first thing that pops up in one’s head when they think of Canada. Most people would think of Canadian Bacon, Maple Syrup, and any other Hockey Team that’s not from America in the NHL. But besides that, most people in the world and especially Americans probably don’t know anything else about this country; disappointing. Most think many stereotypes about Canada such as “riding a dogsled to work everyday.” but, why not learn about another country so you won’t think it’s just “your friendly neighbor up north”, and “break” the stereotypes given to this country.
For starters why not  talk about everybody’s favorite part when visiting the country is its capital. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is located in in eastern Ontario and is close to the Quebec border. In any capital there is always something to do. For starters, Ottawa has a great diversity among people who live there. Much of the people speak English and French, but one in five of the people from the city are from a different country, which means Ottowa is quite the diverse city.
Besides being a diverse city, Ottawa has the world’s largest ice skating rink Rideau Canal. This ice rink offers something in those cold winter months that shouldn’t be missed. On average there are about 19,000 visitors that come to the rink and the best part is that it is free! If you forget your skates or don’t have any you can rent them there as well. This one wintery activity that nobody wants to miss, just make sure the ice is in good skating condition before going. Another great pace to tour in Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill is where the federal government of Canada. This building is overlooking the Ottawa River. This building is has and interesting style called Gothic Revival and it is really a striking work of architecture in the heart of Canada’s capital. There are three separate parts in the building which incorporate the same style of architecture. This building has been through a lot though in its pass. In 1916, a great fire swept the building and the only room saved was the library. And most importantly, every July 1, thousands of people gather at this special building to celebrate Canada Day.
The final interesting place to visit in canada is the Canadian mint. Now I know from personal experience what it is like to go here, because I have been here myself, but I have got to say this is gotta be one of the coolest places I have ever been. Not only does this museum give tours, it talks about Canada’s rich history and how it became to where it is today. This is where Canada’s beautiful coins are made and they even show you how. The also show collectible coins that are super cool. Inside the museum at the end of the tour there is also a 24k brick that you can attempt to lift, (its quite heavy). Overall I definitely recommend the Canadian mint.
To conclude this long blog about Canada, and what to do in its capital Ottawa, I am proud to say that I wish I could go back and visit again and again. Canada is quite the lovely country with such a diverse culture, that it’s impossible to get bored there. Canada’s capital itself has got some of the greatest places to tour in the country and if anybody could go and visit Canada, well then you should.

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Donald Trump claims Voter Fraud from the Presidential Election

Just last week, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump officially entered the White House for four years. Not even a week being in the White House, Trump has already suspected voter fraud. On Monday, he called for a “major investigation” because he believes that millions of people have voted illegally. Back in November, Trump won the role of president by a majority of electoral votes (33 votes). Many questioned Trump as he won his role of presidency by 16 votes, why he even was running for president. Prior to running, Donald Trump hosted a reality television show, The Apprentice, for 11 years. He also is a successful businessman as he has built many office’s, casinos, golf courses, and much more. So why did he run for president? According to the NY Times, Trump ran in an effort to gain stature. Cleary, Trump has but is slowly losing it as he said that there have been a **mistake in votes**. So far, he has not cited or proven any key evidence to why this is possible. Over the course of two tweets, Trump wrote, “I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and … even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

But what if Trump only won president with the help of voter fraud? Why would he be pointing this out? Trump exclaims that he is confident in his win and even if there was a voter sham, he still would’ve come out on top.  “You have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states. You have people registered in two states. They’re registered in a New York and a New Jersey. They vote twice. There are millions of votes, in my opinion,” stated Trump. Later he went on saying to various media reporters that he wants voting to be legitimate and real because voting for a president a serious topic to discuss and vote on. Though he is right about voting being a serious deal, why wouldn’t voting be legitimate? Trump said that he does not want anyone to be registered in two states, or dead people that are registered or illegals voting. This is accurate, but this doesn’t mean that at least 15 million people voted illegally this past year. Still no evidence has been proved but Trump still believes that is correct. The new president has had a hard time grasping that others don’t have the same view on this topic. ABC’s David Muir told Trump that the author of the report found no incriminating evidence. Donald Trump later called him “groveling”. Just because the proof from the report doesn’t match his opinion doesn’t mean that David Muir is lying.

Trump has decided that he would like to speak with Republican Lawmakers in Pennsylvania and consider the best way to go about this problem. Hopefully there aren’t any further problems similar to this with Trump when he is in the White House. Who knows what’s in store for the United States for the next four or possibly eight years.


Rhinoceros Poaching

1,338 of these iconic animals were killed for their horns in Africa last year. Since 2008, as many as 5,940 rhinos have been killed for people’s desire for their horns. The illegal trade of their horns are the main reason why there are around 29,000 rhinos left in the wild, according to statistics provided by Save The Rhino.This number has changed from 70,000 rhinos in 1970. So, as you can see rhino poaching has escalated over the years. One reason for this is the belief by many that grinding down the rhinoceros horns and mixing it with water or alcohol will make a medication, called powdered horn. Powdered horn is used in traditional Asian medicine as a supposed cure for a range of illnesses from hangovers to fevers and even cancer.But the current rage has been driven by demand for rhino horns in Vietnam. As well as its use in medicine, rhino horns are bought and consumed purely as a symbol of wealth. Rhinos horns are worth 60,000 per kilo with some even being worth 100,000 per kilo. Higher priced horns are often engraved with precise designs and sometimes have gold jewelry implanted within the horn.

With only 3 northern white rhinos left, I feel the poaching needs to stop. Rhinos once roamed many places throughout Eurasia and Africa. They were widespread across Africa’s savannas and Asia’s tropical forests. Today very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves. Two species of rhino are Critically Endangered. Rhinos are going against extinction. Only with our help, to stop the killings of  the rhinos will they have a chance of survival.


Boxer and Father Fight Together

In La Puente, California, a young boxer, Leo Santa Cruz, is preparing to win back his super featherweight boxing title. In July of 2016, Leo lost his first professional fight to undefeated Carl Frampton. During Leo’s training, he says he still can hear the ringing of his loss like a direct blow to the head which gives him a drive to avenge himself as one of the best. Leo’s father and trainer, Jose Santa Cruz Sr, is also fighting a hard fight. Except it’s a fight for his life. He has taken the ultimate body blow… cancer. However, Jose still manages to make it to the rink to watch his son fight. Leo’s fight will take place on January 28, 2017.


Leo Santa Cruz

My opinion on this topic is that it is a very sad for the boxer and his family. However, it made Leo desire the win in his championship fight even more because he wanted to win for his father and he was dedicating the fight to his ill dad. I think that this is a very dear thing that Leo Santa Cruz did for his father because it shows how much love and respect he has for Jose. Leo says that he was training the hardest he has ever trained in his life and his dad was with him through the whole thing. This shows that Leo and his father Jose have a very strong relationship with each other and how much Jose cares for Leo’s career even through his hardships.


Control the People; Not the Guns

One of the most debated and most controversial topics that is talked about right now is gun control. This topic is debated on so heavily, because of the hazards that guns provide. Ever since the 10 amendments were created, the second amendment has stated “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This opens up the door for discussion, because on one hand, guns are dangerous, while on the other hand, guns are necessary for self defense. Many people resort to the second amendment and say that it contains the supreme laws of the United States, and that the right to bear arms cannot be touched upon. Others argue that the second amendment is outdated and that guns are more dangerous than ever before. No matter what side you are on, the doors are always open for debate.


From a safety standpoint, guns should totally be eradicated. Unmonitored firearms have been the cause behind horrific events, such as Sandy Hook. America also has one of the highest death rates involving firearms. In 2014 alone, there has been 10,945 murders involving firearms. This number only includes homicides. However, suicides take up about 62% of all gun related deaths. When put into perspective, suicides involving firearms take up 49% of all suicides. From hearing this evidence, most people want guns to be banned, or have some form of restriction on them. On the other hand, guns are a form of self defense. Guns put your mind at peace, knowing that you have the means to protect yourself. If this basic right that takes the form of our second amendment is infringed upon, how would the people have the means to protect themselves? In 2012, there were 1.2 million criminal cases that involved murder, burglary, and more. In other terms, there were 1.2 million opportunities for a victim to use a gun as a form of self defense.

Personally, I believe that the power to purchase, use, and own a gun should continue to be a right. With rising criminal threats in America, many people need a form of protection, which also provides mental tranquility. A gun is just that. Of course, not everybody should be able to purchase a gun. Background checks should be required, to ensure that the gun is going to a safe location. Additionally, guns should be protected by something such as a safe. This will reduce the chances of someone using a gun in a harmful way to others. Another factor in owning a gun that I believe to be important is the education behind it. I compare this to obtaining a driving license. Nobody can drive a car without proper education. This should apply to guns to prevent accidental injuries. The education should entail how a gun works, how to implement safety features, and how to use a gun. While the second amendment may be outdated, the need for a gun is stronger than ever. Guns provide self defense for almost anyone, and could prevent many criminal invasions from being successful. With criminal activities being more frequent than in the past, the average citizen needs the means to stay safe in their personal belongings.

I have come to the conclusion that the guns themselves are not the problem. It is the people who choose to use guns against others. This relates to why I believe that a background check is necessary. Does the person requesting for a firearm have any mental disabilities? Do they live with anyone dangerous that could obtain a gun? Do they have any criminal activity on their record? These questions are supplemental when determining if someone can own a gun. Guns alone do not hurt others. Guns provide the opportunity for people who want to use physical assaulting and violence on others. As long as people are responsibly using guns for self defense, or even recreational activities, they should be permitted.


Mountain Man

     Have you ever heard of the Old Man on the Mountain? The Old Man is a series of five granite cliff ledges on the side of Cannon Mountain located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. When the cliffs are looked at from the North the ledges create a profile of a man’s face. The Man was about 40 ft tall, 25 ft wide and sat about 1,200 ft above profile lake.

There is a legend that derived from Mohawk Indians regarding the purpose of the man. The legend describes the hardships that a couple faced after the wife’s father fell ill. Once the maiden left to care for her beloved father her husband was chief of the village and was needed during winter so could not go with her. However Minerwa, the wife was never to be seen or heard from again. When her husband passed of old again he request to be buried in the direction that she left so her could see her when she returned. The Chiefs face was then immortalized into the cliff waiting for Minerwa to come back to the village.

              Unfortunately on May 3rd, 2003 the man crumbled down from the side of the mountain. It was estimated to have lived to be 198 years old and fell due to water damage after the ice from the winter melted as well as overall corrosion of the granite. New Hampshire mourned the loss of their beloved symbol and even considered trying to rebuild it. However in place of rebuild the iconic symbol a memorial monument was built along the edge of profile lake. The most popular part of the memorial is the steel poles that have jagged pieces of metal at the end so when you close an eye you can see the old man.

     I believe that New Hampshire made the correct decision in not rebuilding the monument because it would ruin the landscape of the mountains. This iconic spot is right in the middle of Franconia Notch which is just a breathtaking area and with having a man made recreation of a landform just doesn’t fit the part. Even before it was finished having all of the construction taking place would take away from the natural earthy joy that the White Mountains bring. However the man was memorialized the right way because with the poles and a little imagination the man is still alive. For more information please visit http://www.oldmanofthemountainlegacyfund.org/.


Good Shoes for a Good Cause


Think about all of the shoes sitting in your closet right now… Can you imagine living without any shoes? Unfortunately, for children living in less fortunate communities, this is a reality. But the company TOMS strives to change this. One sale means more than just new shoes for a customer; it means a new pair of shoes for a person in need.

TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie, who while traveling in Argentina, discovered the hardships of children living without shoes. Blake knew right away he had to help. Then came the idea to create TOMS. The catchphrase of the brand is, “one for one”. This is because the idea of the company was that for every purchased pair of shoes, another pair of new shoes would be sent to a child in need. What started as a simple idea, soon became a booming business that helped children in many developing countries. The idea of TOMS supports the idea of helping others in need and advancing the opportunities for children and communities all around the world.

Along with providing shoes to those in need, the company offers additional services that are very important to the lives of others. For example, TOMS sells eyewear, and with each purchase, customers have the opportunity to help restore sight to people who need it. Also, with each purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee, they help deliver clean drinking water to places who don’t have any. TOMS sells bags inspired by the different cultures of the villages and communities they help, and with a purchase of one bag, they provide a safe birth for a mother and baby who require it.

TOMS is a simple but great way to give to others who need it. Next time you are at the store and see a TOMS product, think about the good it could do for someone around the world and consider helping them out with a simple purchase. Every time you put on those shoes, you will think of the good that YOU have done for a person in need.


Why You Need To Travel To Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia, Temple, Bali, History, Architecture

When thinking of places to travel, Bali, Indonesia probably doesn’t come to mind immediately. But honestly, it should. It is a wonderful place. Bali is considered to have the most diverse plants and animal life in the world. From elephants to dolphins to Komodo Dragons, they have it all. Plus, they have a rich culture that dates back to the 9th century. The climate normally stays around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), because Bali is pretty close to the equator. Who doesn’t want to be in a place with no winter! This temperature also gives an endless amount of activities to do. You can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a natural reserve and Hindu temple, which is a symbol of peace. You can visit one (or more!) of the hundreds of beaches that Bali has to offer. And you even visit the volcanos, or go onto one of their amazing safaris. Bali is an incredible place, with lots to do and see.

Bali is also one of the most unique places in the world. Its lifestyle is calm, the views are to die for, and there is no better place to go. It’s economy also heavily relies on tourism. About 80% of their economy actually. Crazy! This also means that the hotels in Bali are really nice. And also, since the economy relies so heavily on tourism, the people of Bali really make an effort for tourists to have a nice time. Lots of people speak English, and the people are very welcoming and kind. The hospitality of Bali is so comforting, it’s insane.

Bali is one of the most incredible places in the world. I know I would love to go, would you? The places you can go, and the people you will meet are an added bonus to the wonder of travelling the world. Bali is such an interesting place, it really is incredible. This has definitely inspired me to want to travel more, what about you?


Meet The Mets of 2015

Coming off of a great year last year the New York Mets are seen as the “team to beat”. Last year’s record was 90-72. Pretty good. That 90-72 record got them National League East Champions. National League division series winners over the Los Angeles Dodgers. National League Championship series over the Chicago Cubs. But their run ended when they lost in the World Series to the Kansas City Royals. Previous to the 2015 run in the playoffs,  the last time the Mets made the playoffs was in 2006. This was a long time to wait and not to mention that Met fans were eager for another Postseason run, and my o’ my o’ my o’ my were they ready.
In my opinion the New York Mets are the best team in baseball. Why? Two reasons. Pitching staff and Rookies.The Mets pitching staff last year threw a total of 4,948 total pitches over 95 mph(miles per hour) the closest team to them was the Royals with 3,948 total pitches over 95 mph(miles per hour). You’re going to strike a lot of people out with 95+ fast balls. Also the Mets ranked 2nd in ERA among the WHOLE MLB. The Mets rookies were easily ranked one of the best among the MLB. During the Postseason the rookie Michael Conforto went deep twice in the World Series which helped the Mets win that game. This shows that many of the rookies are contributing to making this Mets club win. Will the Mets win it all in 2016, well we will have to wait and see.


Alzheimer’s- a progressive, incurable disease


More than 3 million people each year are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is a progressive disease which means that the symptoms of it become worse and worse over time. It can start out as simple as forgetting where your car keys or glasses are. However, it can escalate to the point where people can’t recognize their loved ones, speak, or perform other body functions that are necessary in order to survive. This is an effect of the death of nerve cells and loss of tissue throughout the brain.

The non profit organization, Alzheimer’s Association, has a mission of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s through the advancement of research, providing and increasing support for all those affected, and reducing the risk of severe Alzheimer’s through the advocacy of brain health. Many of you reading have most likely heard of the lokai bracelets. These bracelets are made in all different colors and patterns to show support and raise awareness for different diseases and organizations. One bracelet which is purple, supports the Alzheimer’s Association. 10% of the net profit made by selling these purple bracelets is donated to that organization which brings them closer to fulfilling their mission. Speaking from the point of view of someone who has lost a loved one from Alzheimer’s and who also has a loved one who is currently living with the disease, it is greatly appreciated to see others supporting the same cause. Every penny counts when you’re trying to find a cure for a disease that causes people to not even recognize those who they’ve known for their entire lives.