The Ships of Space

One of the things that I love to think about is technology advanced space ships. When I do end up thinking about this I like to think about how they are built. What they would do. How the would be used and, where they would go. Whenever I get lost in my thoughts, I can see my inside one of these spacecraft exploring the universe as if i’m riding my bike around the neighborhood.

Whenever I picture one of these magnificent boats of space being made I think of the final scene from Star Trek “Beyond” when the U.S.S. Enterprise is being rebuilt. I would picture some sort of advance engine type firing up and preparing to warp with a low humming sound and the humming gets louder until they fire and the ship begins to move at immense speed to some far away solar system, even a galaxy where mankind has never seen before. Speaking of exploration, I imagine ships all over the universe thriving at the fact that there could be a new home (not saying earth isn’t good for humanity) and searching for minerals and more elements on the periodic table trying to advance our technology even more. Wouldn’t you want to see the vastness us outer space without full astronaut training?


Are You Looking For The Dream Vacation?

Imagine in sitting soft sand, looking out at crystal clear water, filled with exotic fish, turtles, and coral. What more can you ask for? You can get all of this within U.S. territory and only a short, 5 hour plane ride away, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands are a series of islands just East of Puerto Rico. The islands in this territory are St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix. I have traveled to both St. Thomas and St. John, and I can speak from experience and say that they both were unforgettable trips definitely worth taking.

There are lots of different lodging options when staying in the U.S. Virgin Islands. You could stay in a beautiful resort, with private beaches, pools, and a glamorous suite with a view. You could also stay in a vacation rental, with a short walk to the beach, total safety and privacy, and plenty of space. These different hotels and vacation rentals also come with a range of prices to accommodate you and your financial needs. As you can see, the US Virgin Islands offer several different lodging options, but wherever you decide to stay, there will be always be a beautiful view!

The food in the U.S. Virgin Islands is amazing everywhere you go. They serve quite a lot of fish and seafood. Seafood is often served with “johnny cakes.” They are made with flour, baking powder, shortening, and salt, then fried or baked and are quite popular on the island. Calallo soup is another popular dish, which is made of leaves from a daheen plant mixed with okra, local herbs and often various meats or seafoods. While, the islands have their own exotic kinds of food, they also serve a lot of American food, so don’t worry, it is not hard to find a great burger!

Going to beaches is obviously the most popular thing to do when visiting the islands. There are several different kinds of beaches you can go to depending on your needs. Magen’s Bay, in St. Thomas is a very family friendly beach. They offer a clean, and well managed food and beverage concession stand, clean changing rooms and stalls, lifeguards who are trained and certified in American Red Cross, and of course, stunning, crystal clear water. Salt Pond Bay, on St. John, is beautiful, with unique coral and fish, but is not recommended for families. To get to the beach, you have to take a 15 minute hike, which is downhill on the way down, but is uphill when you are leaving. There also is very little parking, so it is recommended that you get there early, or else you will have to park in the street. And while there is one bathroom, it is not cleaned on a regular basis so can be very disgusting. Beautiful beaches are what these islands are known for, so do some research prior to your trip and find the one best for you!

Besides going to beaches there are plenty of other exciting, or relaxing activities you can do! One exciting, and unforgettable activity you can look into is scuba diving. The Aqua Marine Dive Center, in St. Thomas, is an international scuba school, that also offers yacht charters to the best scuba spots around the islands. Although this would be a breath-taking experience, it is pricey, and not great for kids. Another incredible experience that I was lucky enough to experience was the Virgin Islands Ecotours, located in Charlotte Amalie, in St. Thomas. First, you will kayak through the beautiful mangroves to your snorkel spot, then you will snorkel through crystal clear waters and learn about the unique wildlife you are seeing. On my ecotour I saw an octopus, which I will remember forever! It’s also okay if you have never been on a kayak before, or have never used snorkel equipment before, you will have an amazing tour guide, that will help you every step of the way!

I hope some day you have the chance to experience these incredible islands, because you will be wowed by what an amazing time you will have. If you would like to look further into this vacation spot, visit for more information.


O Canada “Reaching Its Capital”


Many people probably didn’t even know much about this country until Trump was running for America’s President in 2016 and we all threatened to move there, or when Drake released his newest album. Besides these reasons, what is the first thing that pops up in one’s head when they think of Canada. Most people would think of Canadian Bacon, Maple Syrup, and any other Hockey Team that’s not from America in the NHL. But besides that, most people in the world and especially Americans probably don’t know anything else about this country; disappointing. Most think many stereotypes about Canada such as “riding a dogsled to work everyday.” but, why not learn about another country so you won’t think it’s just “your friendly neighbor up north”, and “break” the stereotypes given to this country.
For starters why not  talk about everybody’s favorite part when visiting the country is its capital. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is located in in eastern Ontario and is close to the Quebec border. In any capital there is always something to do. For starters, Ottawa has a great diversity among people who live there. Much of the people speak English and French, but one in five of the people from the city are from a different country, which means Ottowa is quite the diverse city.
Besides being a diverse city, Ottawa has the world’s largest ice skating rink Rideau Canal. This ice rink offers something in those cold winter months that shouldn’t be missed. On average there are about 19,000 visitors that come to the rink and the best part is that it is free! If you forget your skates or don’t have any you can rent them there as well. This one wintery activity that nobody wants to miss, just make sure the ice is in good skating condition before going. Another great pace to tour in Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill is where the federal government of Canada. This building is overlooking the Ottawa River. This building is has and interesting style called Gothic Revival and it is really a striking work of architecture in the heart of Canada’s capital. There are three separate parts in the building which incorporate the same style of architecture. This building has been through a lot though in its pass. In 1916, a great fire swept the building and the only room saved was the library. And most importantly, every July 1, thousands of people gather at this special building to celebrate Canada Day.
The final interesting place to visit in canada is the Canadian mint. Now I know from personal experience what it is like to go here, because I have been here myself, but I have got to say this is gotta be one of the coolest places I have ever been. Not only does this museum give tours, it talks about Canada’s rich history and how it became to where it is today. This is where Canada’s beautiful coins are made and they even show you how. The also show collectible coins that are super cool. Inside the museum at the end of the tour there is also a 24k brick that you can attempt to lift, (its quite heavy). Overall I definitely recommend the Canadian mint.
To conclude this long blog about Canada, and what to do in its capital Ottawa, I am proud to say that I wish I could go back and visit again and again. Canada is quite the lovely country with such a diverse culture, that it’s impossible to get bored there. Canada’s capital itself has got some of the greatest places to tour in the country and if anybody could go and visit Canada, well then you should.

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Why You Need To Travel To Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Indonesia, Temple, Bali, History, Architecture

When thinking of places to travel, Bali, Indonesia probably doesn’t come to mind immediately. But honestly, it should. It is a wonderful place. Bali is considered to have the most diverse plants and animal life in the world. From elephants to dolphins to Komodo Dragons, they have it all. Plus, they have a rich culture that dates back to the 9th century. The climate normally stays around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), because Bali is pretty close to the equator. Who doesn’t want to be in a place with no winter! This temperature also gives an endless amount of activities to do. You can visit the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a natural reserve and Hindu temple, which is a symbol of peace. You can visit one (or more!) of the hundreds of beaches that Bali has to offer. And you even visit the volcanos, or go onto one of their amazing safaris. Bali is an incredible place, with lots to do and see.

Bali is also one of the most unique places in the world. Its lifestyle is calm, the views are to die for, and there is no better place to go. It’s economy also heavily relies on tourism. About 80% of their economy actually. Crazy! This also means that the hotels in Bali are really nice. And also, since the economy relies so heavily on tourism, the people of Bali really make an effort for tourists to have a nice time. Lots of people speak English, and the people are very welcoming and kind. The hospitality of Bali is so comforting, it’s insane.

Bali is one of the most incredible places in the world. I know I would love to go, would you? The places you can go, and the people you will meet are an added bonus to the wonder of travelling the world. Bali is such an interesting place, it really is incredible. This has definitely inspired me to want to travel more, what about you?


Aerial Gondolas May Come to New York

The traffic in Manhattan is part of life there. It is slow moving and packed to the brim, whether you are on roads or the subway. A new idea has surfaced which could possibly change this. The idea consists of setting up multiple high-speed gondolas to move people along quickly. This is expected to help remove a lot of traffic, but at what costs? If you look at just money, it will cost roughly $100 million to complete. Critics argue this, as well as saying that it only helps the few who can afford waterfront housing, because of where it connects.

In my opinion, I think this is a good idea. I haven’t been to Manhattan, but I have been to other parts of New York. If Manhattan is as crowded as those places, then this is crucial in my opinion. It may be costly, but it also saves lots of money for the working class who drives to work, because they won’t be stuck in traffic wasting gas. It is a very innovative idea, one which has a lot of potential. I think it should be done, but let me know your opinion in the comments.


Do you Want to be a Flight Attendant?

Getting started as a flight attendant is as simple as meeting the basic requirements like minimum age, height, vision, citizenship and customer service experience. The only schooling required for the flight attendant position is a high school diploma.  Questions at the airline interview are the most important factor for the recruiters, because it allows them to get a real glimpse of who you are, and what you know about customer service. Some sample questions include: Why do you want to be a flight attendant, and, if you are working onboard the aircraft when you are approached by a passenger who tells you he/she cannot sit in the seat they are assigned because of the ethnicity of the other passenger. What do you do? All airlines have a minimum age requirement, usually between the ages of 18 and 21 years old. The requirement depends on the airline. Not every airline will require that you already have a passport when you apply, but some will. As soon as you are hired as a flight attendant, you will need a passport, and having a valid passport at your interview is a plus. The incredible travel privileges of flying for free normally extend to the Flight Attendant, spouse, children, parents, and other extended family members. Many airlines now allow Flight Attendants to extend the travel privileges to unrelated friends, neighbors, etc.. Also, once you become a flight attendant you become eligible for interline travel. You, your family and friends will receive discounts of 25-90% on tickets on nearly every airline in the world, as well as cruise lines, resorts and hotels.

I have always wanted to wake up to a job that I am excited to attend to. The thought of waking up every morning and flying to a new destination around the world is amazing. I have always been amazed by airplanes. I’ve always loved waking up early in the morning to go to the airport. Even though the yearly salary is only 16,000-23,000 dollars a year, at least I would have a job that I love, discounts on hotels, free flights for my family, only have to work 15-16 days a month, and the trip/flight is like a vacation with a fully paid hotel stay! Unless you dislike airplanes, why wouldn’t you want to be a flight attendant? Travel the world, visit places you’ve never seen before. Become a flight attendant!

~Sarah Zarra

Vacationing in London

Have you ever wanted to go to London, but never knew what to do? Well I have here some places I have found that you just have to see. The first thing is the London eye boats tour and ride on the London eye. The boat tour takes you up the Thames river. During this time you see things like The London Bridge, London Tower, and where Shakespear’s plays used to be. This is something that you don’t want to miss. The London eye ride is also lots of fun. At the start the workers put you into one of the pods on the London eye. The pods are air conditioned and have IPads. On the IPads you can get information on some of the sites you can see on the ride, like Big Ben. At the end there are cameras that will take a picture of you.The trip around  London is 30 minutes. I have found that it is best to get the boat ride and London eye tickets together.

One more place that I found to be great to see is the London Dungeon. This is a walk though the evil times of London. Although it may be scary for some people I found it fun and exciting. It is also educational because the stuff in there is true. Now that you have read this maybe you know what to do in London.

~Niletta Burton

Coasta Concordia Runs Aground


Still 15 recorded passengers are missing from the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that ran aground and capsized off the Tuscan coast of Giglio island on January 13, 2012. The evacuation of the ship took several hours, after hundreds of passengers that had boarded the ship that morning had not yet been told what to do in case of an emergency. Although there were enough lifeboats aboard ship, some people were forced to stay back. The ones that are still said to be missing were probably thrusted to the hull, or part of the ship submerged underwater. There have been numerous claims of the ship’s captain,  Francesco Schettino, pre-maturely abandoning the ship to run and catch a lifeboat. Coast guard crews ordered Schettino to go back aboard ship to help with the evacuation of passengers. He never went back aboard and claimed he fell into the lifeboat.
Captain Schettino, who was jailed after leaving the ship, is under house arrest near Naples. He is currently facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship before all passengers had left. Each passenger of the Costa Concordia Cruise trip will be payed $14,500 by Genoa – based Costa Crociere and a full reimburse expense including the coat of the cruise. It may take up to 10 months for the whole ship to be removed from the reef, while 500,000 gallons of fuel are being pumped out of the cruise ship. Dive teams and removal forces have been delayed because of the weird weather this winter. Over time, the ship has shifted over 24 inches and is dangerously close to a 290 ft. sea floor. Passengers and crew members that survived the accident have been called to testify at a hearing on March 3, in Grosseto. I personally am not really scared about traveling by cruise. I just believe that if the captain knew more of what he was doing, the whole situation could have been avoided.

~Gabriella Amodei

My “ Epic” Family Trip

Over the summer my sister, my dad, my step-mom, and I  all went on a family trip to “The Big Sky State”, Montana, with 13 other members of my step-mom’s family. My step-mom’s dad and her own an Upland Bird hunting and Fly fishing ranch. The ranch is located on 5,200 acres of beautiful scenery. I personally was kind of scared because of the rattle snakes, but I fortunately never actually encountered one. I also thought, “wow, I’m gonna be bored outta my mind!,” but there was always something that I could be doing, like fishing in the two ponds, or driving the ATV’s around the property.

Probably the most epic thing we did was go Horseback riding through Yellowstone National Park. The reason I describe this as epic was because of how goofy everybody looked! My little sister, Kinsey, got an old, blind mule horse named Opal, who was partially deaf and blind in one eye. My dad, also had a mule. What was funny about that is that mules aren’t as big as horses, so my dad sitting on that mule was like Shaquille O’neil riding a miniature pony. My dad’s mule also had stripes on its legs, like a zebra! My horse wasn’t dysfunctional or funny looking like my dad or sisters’ mules because I had an actual horse, named Bear. Bear was good for the most part, but he was mean. Bear kept bucking and trying to kick my grandpa’s horse. My grandpa’s horse was probably one of the funniest things though. His horse had googly eyes and was actually called “Crazy Horse”.

Over all, my family had a very “interesting” trip and we look forward to doing it again next summer!

~William Ratchelous