Animal Suffrage and Why it Should be Stopped

FBI to Begin Tracking Animal Abuse Data in 2016


Is it fair that animals around the world are suffering? Every day an animal is being beaten or neglected. This may involve beating, stabbing, shooting animals and even setting them on fire. I think this is wrong and should be stopped immediately. Also these animals are neglected like, not giving them necessary food, water, shelter and vet care. Most of these animals are dying everyday. Some examples of animal abuse would be dog fighting, puppy mills, animal hoarding, farm animal welfare, horse slaughter, and any other animal issues.

Dog fighting is when dogs are forced to defend themselves against other dogs for profit or entertainment of other people. This is wrong and a terrible thing to do to any animal. These animals are held in isolation and spend their time on heavy chains. They are pushed in many ways under bad conditions. For example, “They are regularly conditioned for fighting through the use of drugs, including anabolic steroids to enhance muscle mass and encourage aggressiveness,”(The Criminal, Underground World of Dog Fighting). Even though dogfighting is illegal in every state, people are still doing it for money.

Animal hoarding is when a person has too many animals in one house at a time and can’t take care of all of them, which leads to neglect between the animals. They should not have this many pets which is unfair to the animals. They each need personal attention throughout the day. This person may deny that they have so many animals which can be a sign of animal hoarding. Another sign would be, “They have numerous animals and may not know the total number of animals in their care. Their home is deteriorated (i.e., dirty windows, broken furniture, holes in the wall and floor, extreme clutter), and also there is a strong smell of ammonia, and floors may be covered with dried feces, urine, vomit, etc,”(A Complex Issue). All of the animal abuse should be stopped immediately before another animal dies of suffrage.
In conclusion I believe animal abuse is the worst thing you can do to an animal. It is not fair that they are being beaten and stabbed. These animal are dying everyday which should not be happening. They are pets and living things not something to make money off of. They should be taken care of by an owner who actually cares about them. The things these animals are going through should be stopped immediately. I hope you too understand why we should take action by helping animal shelters that rescue these animals.


Rhinoceros Poaching

1,338 of these iconic animals were killed for their horns in Africa last year. Since 2008, as many as 5,940 rhinos have been killed for people’s desire for their horns. The illegal trade of their horns are the main reason why there are around 29,000 rhinos left in the wild, according to statistics provided by Save The Rhino.This number has changed from 70,000 rhinos in 1970. So, as you can see rhino poaching has escalated over the years. One reason for this is the belief by many that grinding down the rhinoceros horns and mixing it with water or alcohol will make a medication, called powdered horn. Powdered horn is used in traditional Asian medicine as a supposed cure for a range of illnesses from hangovers to fevers and even cancer.But the current rage has been driven by demand for rhino horns in Vietnam. As well as its use in medicine, rhino horns are bought and consumed purely as a symbol of wealth. Rhinos horns are worth 60,000 per kilo with some even being worth 100,000 per kilo. Higher priced horns are often engraved with precise designs and sometimes have gold jewelry implanted within the horn.

With only 3 northern white rhinos left, I feel the poaching needs to stop. Rhinos once roamed many places throughout Eurasia and Africa. They were widespread across Africa’s savannas and Asia’s tropical forests. Today very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves. Two species of rhino are Critically Endangered. Rhinos are going against extinction. Only with our help, to stop the killings of  the rhinos will they have a chance of survival.


Mountain Man

     Have you ever heard of the Old Man on the Mountain? The Old Man is a series of five granite cliff ledges on the side of Cannon Mountain located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. When the cliffs are looked at from the North the ledges create a profile of a man’s face. The Man was about 40 ft tall, 25 ft wide and sat about 1,200 ft above profile lake.

There is a legend that derived from Mohawk Indians regarding the purpose of the man. The legend describes the hardships that a couple faced after the wife’s father fell ill. Once the maiden left to care for her beloved father her husband was chief of the village and was needed during winter so could not go with her. However Minerwa, the wife was never to be seen or heard from again. When her husband passed of old again he request to be buried in the direction that she left so her could see her when she returned. The Chiefs face was then immortalized into the cliff waiting for Minerwa to come back to the village.

              Unfortunately on May 3rd, 2003 the man crumbled down from the side of the mountain. It was estimated to have lived to be 198 years old and fell due to water damage after the ice from the winter melted as well as overall corrosion of the granite. New Hampshire mourned the loss of their beloved symbol and even considered trying to rebuild it. However in place of rebuild the iconic symbol a memorial monument was built along the edge of profile lake. The most popular part of the memorial is the steel poles that have jagged pieces of metal at the end so when you close an eye you can see the old man.

     I believe that New Hampshire made the correct decision in not rebuilding the monument because it would ruin the landscape of the mountains. This iconic spot is right in the middle of Franconia Notch which is just a breathtaking area and with having a man made recreation of a landform just doesn’t fit the part. Even before it was finished having all of the construction taking place would take away from the natural earthy joy that the White Mountains bring. However the man was memorialized the right way because with the poles and a little imagination the man is still alive. For more information please visit


Saving The Elephants


About 100 African elephants are killed daily by poachers. The African elephant population has decreased by an estimated 600,000 in the past 36 years! There is an estimated 400,000 left in the world. An online clothing store known as Ivory Ella has raised over $288,270 to save elephants by selling shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, phone cases, hats and jewelry.

“” is one of the organizations that Ivory Ella sends its proceeds to. It’s focus is to ensure elephants a future by working with wildlife departments and communities to help defend elephants from poachers and traffickers. There are over 50 different projects focusing on stopping the killing of elephants for ivory. Aside from the organizations, many people are kind enough to make donations towards helping the elephants.

I believe that these organizations and donations will overall help increase the amount of African elephants and will keep the population at a good place. Many people are working towards protecting the areas in which the elephants live. Organizations are working towards stopping the killing of elephants and the demand of ivory. The amount of elephants being killed is very unsatisfactory. It is great that some people are helping to raise money and bring awareness to this cause, and helping to save the elephants.


The Ringling Brothers Draw the Curtain on Their Famous Performers

The Ringling Brothers recently promised to retire elephants in the circus after animal rights activists found out the way elephants were treated when they traveled with the circus and demanded them to be released. The circus used dangerous weapons to force the elephants to cooperate and they lived in harsh living conditions, while getting poorly taken care of. On March 6th the elephants performed their last show two years earlier than the scheduled date. In May they will be sent to a 200 acre preserve in Florida where they can finally be free and not have to perform for “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

The last 11 Asian elephants performing on Sunday, March 6th closed the curtain and are now living freely, with other elephants in a preserve where they will be cared for, and not punished or forced to perform. Maybe not, while they won’t be performing they will be undergoing medical research and animal testing because Dr. Shipman has studied elephants for a while now and realized elephants rarely get cancer so they should be medically tested. Stephen Payne, vice president of communications for Ringling Brothers said “We’re working with Dr. Shipman to see if we might be able to find novel new treatments for cancer for kids, and perhaps for everyone.” They will be forced to undergo tests and treatment to help everyone.

The elephants should not be tested at the preserve because they have been through alot and have worked basically their entire life. They should be free in the preserve like any other elephant in the wild. Elephants are already endangered and we don’t need unnecessary tests and to put anymore cruelty on these gentle giants that have already been through so much. That is not how an animal should live.


Should You Know The Mantis Shrimp?

You’re probably wondering, what is the Mantis Shrimp? Well, the Mantis Shrimp is a marine crustacean with peculiar abilities, that despite being very common on the coasts, is not well-known due to the reclusive behavior most of the species portray.They possess the ability to punch as fast as a .22 bullet, and create deadly shockwaves with their strikes with a 1,500 newton force.  Their claws come in 2 different styles, spears, and clubs.  Each strike the Mantis Shrimp makes hits twice, the initial blow, and the shockwave.  Even if the strike misses, the shockwave created is enough to stun or kill most prey.  They possess the most advanced eyes on the entire planet, and see 16 stem colors, while humans see only 3.   They can see polarized light, and have ultraviolet vision.  Recent studies show that Mantis Shrimp can detect cancer and the activity of neurons.  Their body structure is studied by the military to design special combat body armor. Despite being fairly common, the Mantis Shrimp are not a well-known creature.

There are over 450 species of Mantis Shrimp around the world, and live along most coastal areas around the world.  The different species of Mantis Shrimp live around the coasts of just about every continent in the world, surrounding Australia, Asia and Africa, and the eastern coast of the US.  The Mantis Shrimp are eaten as sushi toppings in some places, eaten like shrimp or lobsters, and in some places are too big and contaminated by the water to eat.  Raymond B. Manning first described most Mantis Shrimp species (about 90%).  Despite their amazing qualities and common existence around the world, Mantis Shrimp aren’t very well known besides a few mantis shrimp experts like Tom Cronin, who has made massive breakthroughs with the mantis shrimp.  Well, now you know something interesting you probably didn’t before you read this.


The Ugly Truth Behind Horse Racing


Horse Racing has quickly become one of most popular sports to watch in America. Whether or not you have any interest in horses or not, you most likely have seen a horse race. Multiple horses bolt from a gate at extreme speed. They race along the track, neck in neck with other horses. One mishap and the animal and rider can end up beneath the hooves of thousand pound animals galloping forward at such an extreme speed that can easily kill a rider and horse as well. However, it is not only the extreme speeds and close quarters that cause pain to the horses. Unfortunately, many of these horses are pumped on drugs, abused on and off the track, run into the ground, and slaughtered after the races- which is extremely repulsive and lowers my hopes for humanity. 


What most people don’t know about race horses is that they are injected with many chemicals in order for the animal to produce more adrenaline and other hormones that can cause them to run faster. The horses that are victims of these drugs are running on steroids, which can be detrimental to their health. Most horses injected have scars on their legs from the injections. This alone is proof of the pain, as nothing leaves scars without inflicting pain on any living thing. In the image I have pasted above (from a Peta investigation) it shows the “pain face” that a horse will often give when pain is taking place. It includes lowered ears (which you can not tell from the image) as well as facial muscle tension which is clearly shown, a scrunched muzzle, contraction of the eye muscles, and overall a lot of tension in the facial muscles. Although most people stereotype that this only happens in lower level racing, illegal drug tests taken from Saratoga race track have returned positive. These animals are constantly put through a cycle of injections that have become routine. This pain that they introduce to these animals is all for the glory of the win, and is most definitely not worth it.

Race horses also experience extreme cases of abuse on and off the track, such as electric shock pulses being used on the horse during a race in order to get bursts of speed. Although these shocks are illegal to use, they are still being used despite the act to end it. The shocks are similar to  “cattle prods” . However, in horse racing, most jockeys don’t bother to even use it “properly”, which makes the end result of the shock much worse when they are being used incorrectly. The punishment for using this device can result in arrest, however, it still does happen, especially in lower level racing. To add, whips are also used to strike the horse’s flank in order to encourage speed. Horse’s’ skin is incredibly thin, thinner than ours even, and the whips cause severe pain to the animal. That being said, abuse can also occur off the track through the extreme amount of drugs these animals consume. Also, the animals are forced to continue to run on hooves that have been shortened from how much they have run, proving that this is indeed unnatural. Racehorses hooves are also extremely short from being over ridden to the point where you’re not even able to feel a pulse. A horse by the name of Nehro died from colicing, which is a disease caused by the extreme circumstances this horse suffered.

horse 2


Lastly, horses that come off the track from injuries are often slaughtered. Once they have supplied their speed to their money thirsty owners they are considered worthless. The treatment they were forced to endure during their running days continues onwards on their trip to slaughter. Instead of giving these horses second chances, they kill them. These people couldn’t care less where the horse goes as long as they got their money’s worth. The horse racing industry is a cold, and dark place which is often overlooked.

Overall, the truth behind horse racing is that these animals are mistreated. Before you turn on your TV to watch horses gallop around a track with whips being slapped against their sides, rethink horse racing. It isn’t as glamorous and glorious as often clueless people think it is.

Learn more about helping race horses here:



Snake Eats Man?

Recently, Discovery Channel aired a program called “Eaten Alive”.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the show because Paul Rosolie, a naturalist, hoped to find a 25 foot anaconda that would swallow him.  They could not find one so they decided to use a 20 foot snake they captured and bred in captivity.  Then, Paul came out with a custom made protective suit and managed to get the anaconda to wrap around him.  Eventually the snake decided to go for his head and try to eat him.  When the snake had him around half swallowed, Paul decided to call it off because he started to feel his arm break.  This program has caused lots of controversy with animal rights organizations.

The controversy has mainly been about attempting this stunt because it may have harmed the animal.  If, Paul had truly been eaten they would have had to kill the anaconda to rescue him.  Paul and his supporters said that it was to raise awareness for the amazing Amazon rain forests.  Personally, I think this stunt should not have been attempted.  The potential harm was not worth getting a message across and raising awareness.  He could have seriously hurt the snake or even killed it to help him escape.  I still have one question, though.  If he wanted to raise awareness, why did he do something that was potentially damaging?


Another Wonder of the World???

People refer and know about the seven wonders of the world. However people in Belize believe that there is one more. There is a large atoll which is a ring shaped coral reef that surrounds an underwater volcano that has risen above the surface. This atoll is also referred to as the Great Blue Hole of Belize. It is 96 km away from Belize mainland and is very difficult to reach. Many dive boats drive over the atoll everyday. Also many people pay to skydive over the atoll.  Not much is known about the atoll but in 1997 a geologist names Robert F. Dill and a team of divers drove out to the atoll to collect data on how deep it is. Two of the divers descended down into the hole 407 feet. They found there is no oxygen near the bottom. Also they found tropical fish, sharks, and amazing coral structures. Now the atoll is a world-class destination for scuba divers all over the world. It is said to be the largest world formation of it’s kind. It is 984 feet across and 480 feet deep. A NASA scientist, Glyn Collinson who recently dived the Great Blue Hole said “It was the deepest, deep blue hole imaginable; A chasm that fell away deep into the dark blue.  It had been forged out of solid rock as caverns, hundreds of thousands of years ago during the last ice age.” Different animals are found at different depths of the atoll. In the deeper waters you may see a blacktip shark or hammerhead shark. On most dives people do they only see their partner diver and maybe some small reef fish. Around the rim of the atoll you will find a beautiful reef area filled with life. This includes much shrimp, anemones, angelfish, butterflyfish, small groupers, Elkhorn coral, and purple seafans.  People can’t dive to the bottom not because of the depth, but because of the little sunlight that reaches the bottom. As a result of this, the deeper areas inside don’t have as much life as associated with drop-offs.

Many people find atolls scary because of the look from above, how ancient it is, and how it is the top of an underwater volcano. People who dive the atoll say the top is beautiful and colorful, with the friendly reef fish. I believe it is definitely for the daring to dive or skydive over an underwater water volcano that appears as a black hole. There are dangers to diving the atoll. There is a certain amount of experience one should have before diving. I think that if you have another person who goes under with you and you have some experience, it is perfectly safe and a good experience. For people who want to dive further down than the clear reef area for research, only professionals with much oxygen, experience, and technology should try because of the little light, and more dangerous animals you can encounter there. The great blue hole of Belize I believe is an eighth wonder of the world. It dates back thousands of years ago and has formed such beautiful reefs, and a home for animals. In fact it was originally an underwater limestone cave. Some signs of a cave is visible underneath the reef area.  It is a major tourist attraction for many all over the world. It continues to amaze many with it’s history, beauty, and animals.


Could This Be the End?


A close call last month proved showed that one of the most dangerous asteroids flew close to the surface of the earth. All this was discovered during the government shutdown, even though NASA was shut down. Luckily, we weren’t hit, but recent studies say that this asteroid will fly in again in 19 years and possibly hit us. If the asteroid is big enough and with just the right impact, it could do some massive damage or even knock the earth off it’s orbit. Although the odds are slim to none, the scientists are still finding out more about this object. The space agency isn’t too worried, assuring us that they are 99% sure that it will simply fly past again in 2032. But should we be worried anyway?

In my opinion, I don’t think we should have too much to worry about. By 2032 we could have new and more sophisticated technology that could track the movements of the asteroid and possibly even redirect it. But, even with this information, I am still wondering, before 2032 will this asteroid just break into pieces and not even come close to earth? Or, will it hit another planet and still not touch earth? Of course, everyone is strongly hoping that the asteroid out there will not bother us, but I have a very strong opinion that maybe we are overreacting and that the asteroid will, in fact, not hit us.