Dress Code, Harmful or Helpful?

You may have run into the moment where you had to change what you were wearing to meet the requirements of the school dress code. What is dress code you may ask? Dress codes are requirements given by the school, on what you can and cannot wear. Dress codes have been around for centuries restricting your clothing choices, but the first school dress code law was established in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Some people find dress codes bothersome and unnecessary, while others say it helps keep students from being distracted while promoting discipline. This brings up the question: does dress code really help shape students to their advantage?

Some people think that dress codes are unfair and assist to the shaming towards females. Dress code rules state that they help “prevent distractions towards young boys.” But the reasoning here is that girls should not have to change what they wear for the boys, boys should learn and respect what the girls wear. And to think that boys cannot learn if they can see a girls shoulder is said to be absurd. Dress code as well as telling girls to change, can be hard to follow. In an article by Mckenzie Foust, she dressed according to school dress codes around the country. She said, “I was appalled to see what schools were calling dress code violations for and some of their punishments. This article showed me just how easy I had it.” Although, the other side of the argument is that it encourages students to learn more and worry less about their fashion choices. Dress codes have been proven to decrease the pressure on wardrobe choices for students. In addition, dress codes decrease the amount spent on clothing because they do not have to buy clothes based on expensive trends. This decreases the amount of bullying and the pressure to look popular. In my opinion I think that we should start teaching everyone, from a young age, not to be distracted or judgmental of other’s clothing. Dress codes are important to teach students what is appropriate to wear, however extreme dress codes with punishments are not needed. Nevertheless, what do you think about dress codes? Are these rules necessary or beneficial to students education and growth?


Prom Costs are Through the Roof in 2015!

Becoming prom king and queen is not about having the most expensive suit or dress in the room but, more about the person inside them. However, based on recent surveys the costs are rising and it’s all about the money!

Hey Dodd Middle School! For you, being a Junior or a Senior is in the far off years to come, but have you ever thought about how much this one night costs schools, students and parents?

Let’s talk about the girls. This year a survey done by Visa found that an average prom dress alone would cost the family $324. This high price tag has gone up significantly since 2011, where they would spend near $100. Lets not forget hair and make-up! You may decide to go to a salon to get your hair, makeup, and nails done, or you might opt to do it yourself. Depending on the choices that you make the price could be anywhere from $30 to $275. It is typically the boys job to buy the flowers, but in reality most guys wear boutonniere’s which usually costs $10 to $20. However, it depends on the type of flowers that you chose to purchase.

Besides looking good there are many other aspects that make prom very expensive. One being the ticket. The going rate these days depending on the location, tends to be $20 to $250. If the prom is being held in a fancy hotel, ballroom etc. it may be more costly than if it is being held in your school gymnasium. Ticket prices usually include entry into the dance, dinner, and beverages, so make sure to find out beforehand so you don’t plan to do a big dinner first! Most proms however do not provide a full dinner before hand, so most students decide to eat out. Depending on the type of restaurant and where it is the meal could cost anywhere from $25 to $130 per person.

Next is getting there! Parents like to know that their child is safe to and home from the prom. So limousines are often rented, but this costs students a pretty penny as they are quite extravagant and expensive. The average cost for renting a limousine is 200 to 500 dollars. If this price exceeds your budget, don’t worry! A good solution is to split the cost with a group, and its more fun that way too!

Like the renting of a limo taking pictures is the part that parents enjoy most so they often hire a professional. When friends split the cost of a limo to the prom, they tend to go to one person’s home to take pictures, so the cost can again be split. Even though us Dodd kids aren’t going to prom for another 730 days (roughly) you can relate to how your parents get when you have a special event or a memorable moment. It’s sooooo important to them to have pictures to reminisce with. Prices for professional photos can range anywhere from $30 to $125. You may choose not to get formal photos and use your own camera, and  that’s cool too. Lastly, at some point during the evening most prom committees will hire a photographer to come take photographs of couples and or groups. You will probably receive a price list beforehand. They may be prepaid, or you may need to pay at the event, so don’t forget your money!

Overall prom is an expensive night out, but in my opinion it is worth all the fun you have dancing and laughing with your friends. It is also a great reason to get dressed up like the movie stars and to enjoy yourself!


Fall is Here and it’s Taking us by Storm!

Get out your over-sized sweatshirts, your jeans, and Uggs! That’s right it’s time for FALL! Fall is the time of year to be stylish yet comfortable. For example a regular fall outfit for me would be a pair of my favorite black leggings, and an oversized sweatshirts with my tan UGG boots. I feel great, and I look great too! Fall can mean many things to a person. Cuddling by a warm fire, carving pumpkins with friends, or getting a new outfit! Fall also means Halloween! Halloween goes back to the middle ages, when poor people would beg for “soul-cakes” or a sweet treat, and pray for dead relatives to come back. Trick-or-treating however became popular in the 1800’s when children played pranks and then asked for candy. I’m guessing they didn’t get much! But by the 1950’s though, it turned into good old family fun and getting candy, like we know today. Another thing to think about that is on every kid’s mind is “What am I going to be this year?” The pressing question is one I know everyone thinks about at least once during fall! I know I do! So when you are thinking of what you’re going to be for halloween think of these few questions to help guide you:

-What haven’t I been yet?

-What have I been wanting to dress up as but never got around to it?

-What’s my favorite T.V show?

-Who’s my favorite character or actor/actress?

-Who’s my favorite singer?

Well I hope those few pointers helped! So, when you are preparing for the on coming fall season, remember to stay warm!


Styling the Hunger Games

Ok, So I’m sure most of you have heard of the Hunger Games. I mean, it’s everywhere, especially with the second movie coming out in less than a month. But for those who need a quick refresher, the Hunger Games is about a futuristic world that is ruled by a corrupt government that forces two children, a boy and a girl, from each of the twelve surrounding districts to go into an arena to fight to the death until one remains. Katniss Everdeen is the female tribute from district twelve. The story follows her as she fights to make it home again. Now, the plot itself is great, but my absolute favorite part of the movie is the costumes. Judianna Makovsky, the costume designer for the movie, says she was focusing on color. In the districts the main colors were grey and blue, to keep it with the coal mining theme. But in the capitol the colors were bold and bright. She would use white powder on the actor’s faces’ to give them ghostly, haunted look.

Judianna Makovsky did an amazing job with the costumes. Her costumes really showed how, in this one civilization, there are such different cultures and lifestyles. The extravagant dresses from the capitol would never be worn by the hard working, poor people from district twelve. The bold colors show how confident and proud the people from the capital are. She also covers the capital dresses in poofs, flowers, and frills. As we learn from the book, looks are very important to these people. They have to have the latest style. When Katniss and Peeta, the male tribute from district 12, reach the capitol, they have to wear clothes from the capitol. These clothes are stunning.  The sleek black leather outfit that they both wear for the tribute parade is amazing to begin with. Its sharp look makes the two look powerful. Then when a fake fire is added, the outfit is amazing. However, my favorite outfit in the movie is Katniss’s interview dress. The red dress is absolutely beautiful, complete with the glitter and her shoulder and a ruffled bottom. And, of course, what dress is complete without fire. When she spins, sparks fly from the bottom of her dress. The overall look is perfect. There’s no other way to describe it. The Hunger Games really lives up to its good reviews, especially where  fashion is concerned.


Fashion Trends from the Runway!

New fashion trends are brewing in the world!  All of the latest and greatest designers have their creations on a website called Style.com.  The site, Style.com has been getting a lot of viewer hits in comparison to last year with 153 million veiws in the last month which means people like looking up the latest fashions.  About 73 million of the online viewers were from the United States.  Fashion-conscious people from other countries were in on the fashion fun too!  New technology has added to the amount people are able to see with what’s current in the fashion industry.  It is clear people really enjoy going online to find out the newest fashion  trends. To find out more on this topic click here.

I think technology is a great bonus for the fashion industry because it allows women, men, and children to look at new styles without going to the store. Viewing Style.com online is very easy for the fashion-conscious people and good for retail stores. I easily want to go to the style.com website to check out trends.  This article confirms that people love looking for high fashion items and online shopping. The 153 million viewers on Style.com and me clearly think that online shopping is fun.


Trendy or Money-Smart? You Choose

Have you ever heard of or owned a pair of Ugg boots? Ugg Australia is a VERY popular boot brand, mostly for females from the age of 11 and up. Uggs are lined inside with sheepskin, to give them that “oh-so-soft” feel. Along with comfortable yet fashionable look, there is a major price. Literally. Uggs range from $100 to $300 dollars and are known for clearing out the wallets of parents to teen girls everywhere. Some parents refuse name-brand shoes, but some give in to the costly buy. But is it worth it?

Yes, wearing the hottest trends can be tempting, but are the prices of these boots too extreme? On their website you’ll find sales and specials from time to time, but the boots are never quite “cheap”. Personally, I think that it’s perfect to buy the boots for a holiday or birthday present, but it’s a bit silly to just buy them to buy them. I own 2 pairs of Uggs that I take really good care of because I know they are worth a lot. So all in all, Uggs are fine to buy if you truly can afford them and you always appreciate the value of a dollar.

~Cameron Pellegrino

My Shopping Addiction Helps Needy Children? SAY WHAT?!?!

Blake Mycoskie traveled to Argentina in 2006, and befriended young children, but he felt horrible when he noticed that most of them walked around with no shoes. These kids would have deep, painful cuts on their feet,that led to dangerous infection. Besides medical hazards, tons of these children  are denied schooling because shoes are mandatory for their school uniform. Blake realized that these children may never learn how to read, just because because their families couldn’t afford a pair of shoes. This guy wanted desperately to help, so he created Toms Shoes  which is a radical shoe company. Whenever a pair of Toms is bought from a customer, a new pair of shoes is delivered to a kid in need.

My hot pink Toms came in the mail yesterday and I’m in love with a pair of shoes. If I close my eyes, it feels like I’m walking in a bowl of cushy marshmallows. Not only do my feet feel like heaven, but now I feel amazing because my random purchase sent shoes to a kid in Africa (or another poor place) who really needed them! Toms are cute, comfy, and affordable at $54, but one thing annoys me. Today when I was walking to my bus stop,  I slipped on ice, and basically fractured my butt because these shoes are so dang slippery! They have 0% traction but it’s still worth the sacrifice, just don’t wear them when you’re surrounded in black ice. This doesn’t make these shoes any less cute though, so put your shopping addiction to good use! Buy a pair of Toms for yourself, and give a kid a better future.

~Christina Nguyen


When you buy clothes, how much do you spend? Probably not a thousand dollars. And if you do, it’s probably not on just one thing. Well, Gucci has a dress for $1250. And, its just a normal dress, there isn’t anything really special about it. When I saw the dress before I saw how ridiculous the price was, all I saw was a dark blue dress with a metallic gold painted ring in the middle. It was kind of pretty, but it was also kind of plain. Then, after I saw the price tag, I was confused. Why would such an ordinary dress cost so much? But then I saw the word “Gucci” in small letters in the ring. Even more expensive is Jimmy Choo, a well known shoe designer, who designs shoes that cost from about $400- $2000. Yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking. Nobody would spend that much on a single pair of shoes. However, there is a decent amount of people who would.  Don’t get me wrong, I love designer fashion (a lot), but there are limits.

I just don’t get it. There aren’t that many people who would spend that on a single dress. As for the shoes, I saw a pair that looked just like those in another store for about $70. And even though those Jimmy Choo shoes are high quality,I wouldn’t spend an extra thousand just for a designer logo. Think about it: how much are you willing to spend for fashion?

~Gabriella Terry

Make 2012 the Trendiest Year Yet!

As the winter months pass by us fast, there is no reason for our fashion sense to leave like the warm weather. There are so many accessories such as scarfs, hats, gloves, and jewelry that can make you have your own winter look. From “Vogue.com” here are the latest trends this winter and how to make your look shine.

The first look everyone is talking about is to Sparkle and Shine. From wearing the new UGG gold and silver boots to some more jewelry to make your outfit pop, a little sparkle goes a long way. Saying this, please do not dress like the tin man, but adding a little shine or dazzle makes your outfit look ten times better.

I love my UGG’s just as much as every other girl does, but the tall leather boots are in! They are chic with a skirt and great with jeans. From your average colors of brown and black there are also purple, grey, and even yellow along with many more! Paired with jeans and a cute top for school or going out to a more dressier occasion with a shorter dress or a skirt these are your best friends for the winter season.

Beanies to berets,caps and cloches, hats in every size, shape and color  are the ultimate topping this season. When it comes to accessories hats have always been a big hit, but this year they’re on top! A nice hat can make a great accessory, as long as you are wearing the right one. If you are just wearing jeans, a nice shirt, and boots, I do not suggest wearing a cowboy hat, but a little beanie or beret would look cute and chic.They will look good and keep your head warm as you bear the cold winters ahead.

As the temperature goes down and the winter passes us by fast I hope that these few new trends will make your winter fashionable and stylish.

~Madison Manware