Saving The Elephants


About 100 African elephants are killed daily by poachers. The African elephant population has decreased by an estimated 600,000 in the past 36 years! There is an estimated 400,000 left in the world. An online clothing store known as Ivory Ella has raised over $288,270 to save elephants by selling shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, phone cases, hats and jewelry.

“” is one of the organizations that Ivory Ella sends its proceeds to. It’s focus is to ensure elephants a future by working with wildlife departments and communities to help defend elephants from poachers and traffickers. There are over 50 different projects focusing on stopping the killing of elephants for ivory. Aside from the organizations, many people are kind enough to make donations towards helping the elephants.

I believe that these organizations and donations will overall help increase the amount of African elephants and will keep the population at a good place. Many people are working towards protecting the areas in which the elephants live. Organizations are working towards stopping the killing of elephants and the demand of ivory. The amount of elephants being killed is very unsatisfactory. It is great that some people are helping to raise money and bring awareness to this cause, and helping to save the elephants.


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