Aerial Gondolas May Come to New York

The traffic in Manhattan is part of life there. It is slow moving and packed to the brim, whether you are on roads or the subway. A new idea has surfaced which could possibly change this. The idea consists of setting up multiple high-speed gondolas to move people along quickly. This is expected to help remove a lot of traffic, but at what costs? If you look at just money, it will cost roughly $100 million to complete. Critics argue this, as well as saying that it only helps the few who can afford waterfront housing, because of where it connects.

In my opinion, I think this is a good idea. I haven’t been to Manhattan, but I have been to other parts of New York. If Manhattan is as crowded as those places, then this is crucial in my opinion. It may be costly, but it also saves lots of money for the working class who drives to work, because they won’t be stuck in traffic wasting gas. It is a very innovative idea, one which has a lot of potential. I think it should be done, but let me know your opinion in the comments.


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