BYOD stands for bring your own device. It is a policy that will allow kids to bring electronics like laptops, e-readers, IPads, and cell phones into classrooms to improve their learning. Why is this important you ask? Well its important because BYOD is coming here to Dodd. Which means that students will be able to bring their electronics to class with them. The purpose of this policy is to improve the way students learn. Electronics are being used everywhere, they make things easier and more convenient to do so it only makes sense for them to also be used in school. With these devices students will be able to easily browse the internet to research facts for their school project in class. It should also make the lessons more interesting for the students if they could bring their cell phone or IPad to class. However, there are some teachers that dislike the policy because they think the students will take advantage of the policy by instead playing games on their devices.

I think that implementing this policy would be beneficial to the school and the students. It would improve the way students learning by making work easier and more convenient. Calculators are an electronic device that makes work easier and more convenient for students, and they’re allowed in schools. Schools should take advantage of the advancements in technology, and use them to help their students receive the best education possible.

~Dennis Yatsula

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