“Glee”: Guest Star Disaster

“Glee”, a popular show on Fox is currently on its mid-season break but they have already stirred up a buzz about who will be a guest star on upcoming episodes. At the end of the season they are thinking of bringing Lindsay Lohan on the show as a judge at Nationals. But the question that is traveling around fast is whether or not Lohan is setting a good example for anyone who watches the show. Her reputation has plummeted and will forever be in her shadow. Even though she claims to be on the right track again there is still the fact that she has been in rehab so many times.

By having Lohan be a celebrity guest I don’t think it is setting a very good image for “Glee” to have her on the show. According to CNN Holly Holiday who is played by Gwyneth Paltrow already bashed Lindsay by saying, “How many times has Lindsay been in rehab?”. Young viewers may also start to think that if a well known icon (such as Lohan) has the ability to star on a hit show like “Glee” even though she has made terrible choices in her life then they as well can make those choices and still be successful. This sends a bad message to viewers and therefore I think Lindsay Lohan should not be a guest on any upcoming episodes.

~Hannah Hackett

Then There were Four

The Final Fight, for glory, for the ring, for the crown, for the trophy… for the NCAA Basketball National Championship. Today is March 28th, 2012 and in three days crowds will be jumping, colleges will be cheering, and blood sweat and tears will be spilled on the court, because on March 31st, 2012 the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four will tip off in New Orleans with Kentucky playing Louisville for the first spot in the National Championship game. Quickly after that game, Ohio State will attempt to upset Kansas for the final spot in the National Championship game. Winner of those two games will play each other in the NCAA Division I National Championship game on April 2nd. After the Men’s Championship Game, the Women’s  Final Four will begin. First strong hearted Baylor will attempt to knockout Stanford and get their chance at the title. Then Uconn Huskies are taking on the Fighting Irish in what is predicted to be a fight to the finish.

The University of California has the most NCAA Basketball Division I Men’s championship trophies, even though they haven’t made the tournament in the last 3 years. Pat Summit of the University of Tennessee has the most wins in a regular season as a coach, and the most National Championship wins for the NCAA Division I women’s basketball. Local favorite Uconn, has won 8 total National championships, the women winning  6, and the men winning 2. Lets hope that the women win it all again this year! Have a nice day! And be sure to watch the rest of the Final four!

~Alec Fowler

Trayvon Martin- Killed Without Reason

On February 26th, everyone in the state of Florida was doing everything that they normally did. This also goes for Trayvon Martin, a young 17-year old boy. Trayvon was into sports. His favorites were basketball and football. But that day, Martin would be forever blockaded from playing sports again. Who was the one who stopped this boy’s life, you ask? George Zimmerman. This is how the event played out. Trayvon had just gone to the convenience store and was now coming back to his father’s fiancee’s house. He had his hood up and his hands in his pockets. Zimmerman was following Martin while talking to police dispatcher after calling 911. Soon after, a fight broke out between them. A gunshot sounded and an innocent 17-year old boy was murdered. And George Zimmerman wasn’t even charged.

When you think of Florida you think of  a happy, sunny place with Cinderella’s Castle rising up into the sky. Well as you can see from the details of Trayvon Martin’s death, it’s not.. Florida’s “stand your ground” laws, which allows citizens to shoot and kill anyone anywhere if they feel threatened. In other words, if someone was walking on the street and they look “threatening”, anyone would have the right to walk up to that person and shoot them. After the murder of Martin, the “stand your ground” laws are sparking commotion and unrest, as they should. The number of homicides in Florida has gone from 12 to 33 a year, which is nearly triple. This isn’t another terrorist attack or a war; these unjustifiable killings are going on in our own country. The United States of America must rise up against these “self-defense” laws and obliterate them, so that those guilty of murder, such as George Zimmerman, may be corrected. And so that Trayvon Martin, and other innocent victims, may rest in peace.

~Nazar Chowdhury