Kony 2012

Many people don’t know who Joseph Kony is but many other people do, including me and we pledged to spread the word about him. Kony is a single man in Uganda who kidnaps children in their sleep, forces them to kill their parents, and makes some of them sex slaves. And that’s all just for power. And this isn’t just a couple kids,  it is over 30,000, all forced against their will into his rebel group the LRA. Kony is #1 on the top most wanted for arrest internationally. There is only one way to arrest him but he keeps moving, so people donate a few dollars a month to give the Ugandan army to buy and upgrade their technology to faster arrest him. Millions of people have seen the online video and have donated money, but that’s not enough so that’s why we pledged to spread the word and that’s why I’m blogging about it now: so if you didn’t already know, you do now.

Back to the horrors of what Kony has done, the army of kids (mainly boys) each has their own gun and ammunition. They each received it at the moment of being kidnapped and on the spot they would be forced to kill their very own parents. How would that feel, to kill your own parents? And the one forcing you to is a complete stranger. I thought so. Now to stop that from happening all you have to do is donate a couple of dollars and no more kids will have to go through the excruciating horror of killing strangers and their beloved parents. Thank you for your time and I hope you join me and millions of other people in stopping this crime.

~Larry Fritz