Is Lin-sanity Lin-ished!!!!

From starting off as one of the NBA’s most elite point guards in February, Jeremy Lin’s magic is starting to take a toll….. a big toll. In the month of February Jeremy Lin averaged about 24.6 points per game and now those points have dropped immensely going to about 13.6, still not bad, but for Lin it’s not as magical as it used to be. Some critics believed and others knew that this would happen but not this fast! It hasn’t even been a month and his level of playing and quality has dropped. His jersey used to be #1 selling in the NBA but now has been taken off the shelves because it isn’t selling anymore as much as it used too. Others still think that their is still magic left in the air but to others that was just a fairytale story that only lasted for a short period of time. Personally I believe that this Lin-derella story is over and most likely will never come back again as big as it did last month and the month before that.

Some questions that I still have about this is that how did he come out of the shadows and just somehow become a star in the span of one game? Also, will this magic come back ever again? What do the critics and other fans think of this Lin-sanity and if it will come again? Some fun facts are that Lin’s jerseys are selling on ebay for about $2000 and his rookie cards are selling for about $30000 and it is becoming very expensive. Also, Jeremy Lin used to play for the Golden Sate Warriors in the 2010-2011 season and played for only about $500000 but now at the Knickerbockers his contract has went from lower then $100000 to about 2.5 million dollars for 2 years. So now that this Lin-sanity is going back into the shadows, some, like me, still wonder if this fairytale will ever rise again and have him come back and take the league by storm…….. again.

~Eric Dishnica


Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and Muslims are required to fast during this month which helps us to cleanse our bodies and to be closer to the religion of Islam.  The fast is to stay away from food, drink, and relations from dawn until sunset, but Muslims are also encouraged to increase in their worship in general and also the recital of the Holy Qur’an.  In according to the practice of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) charity is also encouraged in this month and many choose this time of the year to fulfill the requirement of Zakaat.

~Uzair Afzal

Dance, Is it a real sport?

It is just like the argument about whether dogs or cats are better, or whether the chicken or the egg came first. Is dance a sport? Most jocks would say no. But, if they really knew what they were talking about they would answer in a different way.

The stereotype for a dancer is a grown girl with a body of a seven year old boy. Another common thing that people say is that dancers just run around on stage with a pink tutu on, and it could never be a real sport because it is to easy and takes no athletic ability. Well this could not be further from the truth!

Most dancers start their training at about three to five years old. Then, it takes about ten years to master the basics and move up and possibly do pointe. Personally, this was the case for me. Also, a step could take five minutes to learn but five months to master and make it look flawless and effortless. Another, subject on dance that people do not understand is how we gain muscle and become extremely flexible. We have to train and practice for hours on end just to get close to our goals. So just think is dance really “girly?”

~Sydney Korman