Girls can too!

Many kids enjoy playing sports, whether for a team or not. But, some people don’t think that girls can play the same sports as boys. I think that girls can throw footballs as well as guys can and don’t need any special treatment. Girls have proven many times that they can do these things. We can hit a ball with a bat as well as a guy can. We can catch lacrosse balls, too. We’ve already proven those people wrong. So, why don’t they think we can?

I hope we can soon figure that out. But, I know and you SHOULD know that girls CAN TOO! So, if boy can do it, we can too! We’ve just got to believe in ourselves and try as hard as we can. Anyone can do it! Just remember one little thing, don’t give up and keep on trying!

~Georgianna Matcheson

The Facebook World

Facebook. The most common social network. It was invented by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. At first he called it “the facebook” but later in 2004 Sean Parker purchased the site and called it “Facebook”. This online social network has become a huge problem in teen society. When you hear the word “drama” Facebook is probably to blame.

This site is the one place where people can just lash out at each other or help keep in touch with friends. In my opinion I think Facebook should have a higher age limit use because some teenagers just take advantage of it, and use it the wrong way. I mean of course I have my own Facebook, most kids my age do, but I try to stay away from the fights that go on that network. Sometimes I really question the purpose of Facebook. Do we really need it? My view of this whole Facebook thing is that if people can’t use it responsibly then they shouldn’t use it at all. At least in Twitter you can’t talk about someone mean and then tag them in that post. The only advice I could give you is stay away from the fights on Facebook and you will survive.

~Olivia Valenta

Project KONY 2012

We as Americans, are so lucky to live in such a wonderful and free country.  Many people take the things that we have for granted, and don’t think about what else is happening throughout the world.  Something is happening in this world in a small country in Africa called Uganda, and it is terrible.  A man named Joseph Kony is going around and kidnapping kids, giving them guns, and is forcing them to kill people and become part of his personal army of children called the Lords Resistance Army (LRA).  Many innocent children are being abducted from their homes and forced into this army.  A call throughout the world has came from this country for help against this terrible warlord.  People everywhere are starting to spread the awareness about Project Kony 2012, the year that we finally catch this criminal.  Many celebrities are spreading the message about this movement and tons of communities are taking part in this action.  We are trying to convince the U.S. government to keep American soldiers in Uganda to help Ugandan soldiers find the hiding criminal and free all those innocent kids.

I think that Project Kony 2012 is a great thing that this country can do to help out another country when they are in need.  There are innocent children out there being taken from their homes and being forced to kill other people.  Obviously, that doesn’t happen in America, but if it did and the government couldn’t help out too much, wouldn’t you want other countries to help support us and find this bloodthirsty maniac?  That is the reason why everyone is spreading the word.  The more the word is spread, the more we can help these kids.  Everyone should come together, and help to take down this criminal once and for all.

~Nick Sansone