Panic About Private Schools

March 10th, a worrisome day for several students here at Dodd. Many students have applied to private schools for high school and after waiting for two months for the response are becoming impatient. A lot of hard work has been put in by every applicant who may have applied to schools such as Choate, Chase, Hopkins and Westover (like me).The application itself is the toughest to work on. Many school s may require one essay or as many as four! And let’s not forget the interview or the SSAT! All three of these components can either help or hurt your acceptance.

Luckily most, if not every kid I know that has applied has a great chance of being accepted. If not it just gives you more determination for next year. So next week on top of CMT testing students will be eagerly awaiting the news from their school and hopefully it is good! Good luck to everyone and hopefully the hard work paid off!

–Lizzie Heisler

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