Half the Moon, Full Deliciousness!

Although many of you may not know this restaurant; the Half Moon, of Wallingford, has excellent Italian food. You can get pasta, pizza, paninis, soup, salad, and so much more! Right next to Half Moon is a little bakery, Mr. D’s, that has everything from ice cream to cupcakes to toys. That is definitely one strange combination! They have the best Red Velvet cupcakes! And how convenient: a bakery right next to a restaurant?! Dinner and dessert anyone?

My favorite dish would have to be the Penne alla Vodka. This is made up of penne pasta (duh!) and the sauce. The Penne alla Vodka sauce is made with regular tomato sauce, vodka, and cream. The ingredients come together to form a salmony-pink, thick sauce. This pasta dish is super delicious when topped with grated cheese. Half Moon creates this dish to a ‘T’. The overall experience of Half Moon is interesting. When you walk in, there’s a jumble of tables. At the counter, there are menus and the specials board. Normally, there’s a line, so you wait in the line, tell the person behind the counter what you want, pay, and then sit at a table. Both your drinks and bread will be brought out, followed by your meal. Half Moon also sells tea, coffee, and gelato! My favorite type of gelato is chocolate, but some other common flavors are pistachio and coffee. I’ve been to the Half Moon countless times and aside from a few issues with bad service, I normally have a great time. If you’re looking for some delicious Italian food, Half Moon is the place to go!

~Jen Cavazuti

Tebow Time?

During the last football season, a lot of talk happened about teams and which team would be the surprise story of the year.  And there was one team that took the league by storm.  The Denver Broncos had been a good to average team in the league for several years after John Elway retired.  In 2010, they drafted a young quarterback from the University of Florida, Tim Tebow in the first round.  Many people criticized Tim throughout his career about how he couldn’t make it into the NFL.  After not seeing the field too much his rookie season, people really started to get on him.  After the Broncos went 1-4 in the first 5 weeks of the 2011-2012 season, head coach John Fox decided to try out the young quarterback in their next game against the Miami Dolphins.  Tim Tebow struggled in the first 3 and a half quarters, but in the last 3 minutes of the game, and the Broncos down 15-0,Tim Tebow led the Broncos to a Cinderella story victory in overtime.  After the 18-15 win over Miami, John Fox decided to start Tebow the next game.  Many critics said that game was a fraud.  Wrong.  The next 6 of 7 weeks the Broncos found themselves down in the 4th quarter with all odds against them, yet Tebow still found a way to win earning himself a starting record of 7-1.  This time period in the 4th quarter has become known as Tebow Time.  So the question that everyone is asking has came up: Will Tebow become the permanent starter for the Broncos and is he capable of taking the Broncos to the Superbowl?

I personally am not a Broncos fan but whenever the Broncos game was on I would always root for them because of Tebow.  Tim Tebow is a perfect role model for young football players and even other NFL players.  He is just someone that people naturally revolve around and like.  People believe in him after his performances on the field and he has gained many fans from around the country.  I think that Tebow should be the starter for the Broncos.  If you just look at what he has done for that team, how could you not start him?  He has gone 7-1 his first 8 starts as an NFL player, the best record in the history of the NFL, and is 3-0 in overtime.  By those numbers, he is excellent under pressure, and never gives up.  He may not be as good as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but he is only in his 2nd year of the NFL and as he gains experience in the league through the years, he can do some great things for the Broncos organization and lead them to earning several Superbowl rings.

~Nick Sansone

Dancing Queen

Dancing to me isn’t only a hobby, it’ my life. I eat, breathe, and sleep dance. I have been dancing since I was two years old. I joined a competition team when I was only eight years old. I have danced for two hours every other day, and on Saturday’s I have competitions to go to. I plan to dance for as long as I can because it is the only thing that I genuinely love to do. Everyone has that one thing that they are really good at, and mine is dancing.

When I’m dancing on stage I feel like the only person there. I will never change the way I feel about dance. Some people say that dancing isn’t a sport. In some ways I can understand but it’s their opinion. I feel that dance is definitely a sport because you compete with other teams at what you’re best at, and try to win. If people say it’s not a sport I just say, “don’t even start,” and walk away because wouldn’t it make you mad if someone went up to you and said that what you play isn’t a sport. All I can say is that dancing will be apart of my life forever. Without dance I wouldn’t have the confidence that I have now.

~Olivia Valente

Ballet is for the NFL

Most people say dance is “stupid”. Some dancers like me say it takes commitment and strength. And it’s true.   It takes no less commitment than football, baseball or basketball. The truth is, the people who say dancing is stupid, easy, and pointless can’t dance. And why they can’t dance? Because it’s too hard for them! However, some NFL players can say that dance means something because they take classes themselves. No joke, players in the NFL take ballet or other dance classes to strengthen their calf and thigh muscles!

Don’t believe me? Well, an interview was done for Sports Illustrated  about the secrets to NFL players staying in shape and preparing for games. It all started in the 1970’s when a wide receiver Lynn Swan announced that he had taken  yoga and ballet classes to prepare for his games. Ever since then, NFL coaches have pushed players into taking ballet classes for strength. I don’t blame them! As a dancer myself, I have been dancing for 11 of the 14 years of my life and I have a good amount of calf muscle and arm strength as well.

Dance is stupid you say? Well your favorite NFL teams take it to improve and do some of the same exercises that I do. Try standing on the balls of your feet without holding onto anything for 2 minutes straight! That is what strengthens their Achilles tendon. Bahtmahs, (high kicks)? Try doing those for an entire 3 minutes. That helps the kickers of the team and also strengthens hip muscles. Pleaes, (kind of like squats but harder)? Yeah, they do those too. And they aren’t easy!

Dance and yoga are both hard. No way in any shape or form are they simple. Even senior tailback DeAngelo Williams, a training junkie who gained 1,948 yards and scored 22 touchdowns last year said “I would rather do sprints and up-downs than that yoga,” . That says something! The whole team from the University of Memphis has to take yoga and ballet classes for flexibility and agility. They even admit, “Women can do a lot of things men can’t do,”. So think twice before saying dance or yoga are for sissies… Because you don’t really get it until you try it like many NFL stars have.

~Ariana Pepper

Panic About Private Schools

March 10th, a worrisome day for several students here at Dodd. Many students have applied to private schools for high school and after waiting for two months for the response are becoming impatient. A lot of hard work has been put in by every applicant who may have applied to schools such as Choate, Chase, Hopkins and Westover (like me).The application itself is the toughest to work on. Many school s may require one essay or as many as four! And let’s not forget the interview or the SSAT! All three of these components can either help or hurt your acceptance.

Luckily most, if not every kid I know that has applied has a great chance of being accepted. If not it just gives you more determination for next year. So next week on top of CMT testing students will be eagerly awaiting the news from their school and hopefully it is good! Good luck to everyone and hopefully the hard work paid off!

–Lizzie Heisler

Lower those prices so we can board!

As a longboarder, I believe that the price of the top boards on the market are tremendously overpriced! Longboarding has started in the southern parts of California and scooted its popularity all the way over to the east coast. It started with nobody, to thousands around the globe cruising around and having a good time. Longboarding is a popular hobby that gets kids outside to have some fun. Like a large skateboard, you push yourself around doing occasional slides and bombing large hills. Along with the joy, longboarding also brings  awfully high prices. Sliding gloves, knee pads/elbow pads, helmets, wheels, bearing, trucks, boards, grip tape, bushings– I could go on forever! My point is that prices of all this equipment can be over $300! For some, this is why longboarding isn’t multiplying as quickly as I wish it could. But, there is an easy way to make longboarding spread and get it even more popular!

The board below (apex 40), at its highest possible price can be up to $425! Obviously, this is extremely overpriced. That is why it’s as simple as lowering these prices to get the amount of boarders to multiply! Some of my local buddies suggest that if the board and gear making companies lowered their prices, they would totally be into the longboarding. Why would anyone want to spend over $300 for what they think is a “bamboo board”? High on the market boards ( such as the loaded Dervish) have prices unimaginable. There are many reasons the board is overpriced, such as the well constructed board, or steel trucks. But, the main reason is because of the marketing and name brand of the board (LOADED). It’s like buying a car that is faster then the Ferrari, although you are getting a faster car, the Ferrari is more expensive since it’s better known. I sure hope that sellers get this message and learn that their boards are way too overpriced. These too high prices can bring an end to longboarding!

~Evan Zovas