Horseback Riding Not a Sport?

Is horseback riding really a sport? Some people say yes and others say no. I think so 100%. What do you think? Horseback riding is very passionate and meaningful to me. The definition of a sport is “an individual or group competitive activity involving physical exertion or skill, governed by rules, and sometimes engaged in professionally.” Horseback riding is exactly what “sport” means.

People say “it’s easy.” “It takes no skill.” “You just sit there.” “You’re not an athlete.” This is all false information! “Have you ever trusted someone that’s 1000 pounds and can’t have a conversation with?” “Have you ever raced full speed to a solid obstacle?” “Have you ever jumped something that is taller than you?” So before you think about saying horseback riding is not a sport think to yourself, “Have I ever felt a 1000 pound animals’ feelings and listened to them without speaking?” Horseback riding is most defiantly a sport!

~Katie Caldwell

The History of “Fockey”

When most people think about sports they think about baseball, football, and soccer.  But what about field hockey?  Although baseball and football are extremely popular, they are not Olympic sports.  However, field hockey is.  All of these sports are highly recognized but field hockey is not.  Why?

According to World’s Most Popular Sports, field hockey is voted in at a number three.  I believe that it should be ranked higher because it is played in over 116 countries worldwide, whereas number two being cricket is played mainly in just India.  To go along with this, field hockey has been in the Olympics, for men, since 1929, and for women since 1980.  Field hockey is both a sport for men and women of all ages.  Field hockey consists of two teams on a field with eleven players participating on each side.  There are five forwards, three midfielders, two defenders, and a goalie.  The object of the game is to score points by shooting the ball at your opponents goalie, following by the rules of course.  Field hockey is an enjoyable sport that I believe if more people knew about it, they would fall in love with it.

~Nicole Salamone

Golf: More Than Just a Game

Golf is more than what the naked eye can see. It’s not just driving around a golf cart, hitting a ball, and waiting for other people. The sport is as much a teacher as it is a game. Through golf you learn patience, strength, and perseverance among other great tools for life. Golf is as addicting and fun as anything you can imagine, it’s the greatest sport on the planet soulfully because of the depth of  learning that comes out of it. It teaches you life lessons that are important for your future.

I strongly believe that everyone should play golf in order to better themselves as people. If you see a true golfer, you might observe that they are more appropriate, mature, and sophisticated than most others. They learn through golf etiquette what is a proper manner in which to conduct themselves. People who believe that golf is “boring” are mildly impatient. I challenge those people to give the game another chance. They can learn patience very quickly if they just play a couple rounds of golf. Golf is a game of ups and downs. You have good and bad days, but after having a bad day, think about what went wrong, go to the driving range, and fix it. Perseverance is this very concept. It is picking yourself up when your down, but people aren’t born with it. They learn it.Golf will teach you it better than any person could. This is why you should play golf.

~Griffin Cunningham

Prison Fire Kills Hundreds!

Late Tuesday, February 14th a fire broke out at a prison in Honduras. It was said to be caused by an inmate lighting his/her mattress on fire. Many people died stuck in the prison,but  some prisoners escaped from the prison roof when the chaos of the fire was happening. After the fire was put out officers/gaurds were going through the cells and all they were finding were charred bodies. The fire killed more than 350 prisoners.This is the third major prison fire in Honduras since 2003.

    I feel that the fire shouldn’t have even had a chance to start. The prisoners should have no way to start a fire. Even if a fire was started there should be a plan to get as many of the prisoners out as possible. Another problem is that it was the third major fire since 2003. There should be a better system to stop fires from happening. There are many problems about this event , but these are the biggest ones.

~Ashley Hunt