A Lockout No More

As of Thursday, the 15th of December, the NBA lockout ended. This lockout lasted 149 days. They finally made a 10 year contract after a 15 hour negotiation in Manhattan, where they had a meeting with the players and head coaches and discussed the terms of the framework of a new collective bargaining agreement that will include a 49-51 percent “band” of basketball related revenue. This will allows the season to start on Christmas day.

So, now starting on December 25th, a 66-game season will start. But since there is only 66-games, the season is 16 games shorter that a regular 88-game season. This will be starting with a triple-header on Christmas day so you don’t want to miss the 2011 season which is finally beginning in time for the holidays. This agreement should mean that there won’t be many more lockouts for a long time.

~Colin Albrecht

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