There is no “I” In Team!


The Boston Bruins. Not the most talented team in the NHL. But they do work as a team.  The Bruins win their games by passing the puck and setting one another up to score goals. If you ask me that is pretty good teamwork. Teamwork is exactly how they won the Stanley Cup last season. But last season is in the past. Can they win the Cup again by using the same work ethic?  Or, do they need someone to rise above the rest and carry the team on his shoulders in order for the Bruins to win the Cup again this year? In my opinion they can use the same method as they did last year. I mean you do not have to change the way you play if you just won The Cup playing that way.

The Bruins do have players that can step up and carry the team. But sometimes when one person does that they start to hog the puck. They do not pass or set other players up to score anymore. They just try to do everything on their own. The other players start to slack off a little. Plus it is not right not to be a team player. Take the Capitals for example, they have the best player in the NHL but they don’t always succeed because  one player is the one that does everything. Plus when was the last time the Capitals won a Stanley Cup when they did not work as a team? Never. When was the last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup when they worked as a team. Just last season.

~Steven Friedler

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