What Will the Winter of 2012 Bring?

I think everyone can agree that the winter of 2011 was unforgettable. New England winters always have their fair share of messy weather, but when the total snowfall accumulated to over 5 feet (breaking a record set in 1945 for the snowiest month), the situation became downright dangerous. Not only did the countless storms result in car accidents, tree collapses, and fallen power lines, but further issues were only yet to come.This unusual predicament left people scrambling for “roof rakes” when roofs started collapsing under the unbearable weight of snow and frozen sheets of ice. It even got to the point where schools in Connecticut struggled to find enough days in the spring to make up over 10 snow days (in some situations). But, obviously, life goes on, and the winter of 2011 was followed by a beautiful spring, summer, and fall. But, when winter returns, what is in store for us?

Well, although it seems like nothing could get much worse than the harsh weather previously brought to us, with conditions that may or may not be brought by La Nina, we could be facing another brutal winter, with temperatures a bit lower than usual, and the total snowfall significantly higher than average. All in all, I highly doubt that Connecticut will see worse conditions than we’ve already experienced.

~Gabby Batista

3 thoughts on “What Will the Winter of 2012 Bring?

  1. I agree that the winter of 2011 was terrible, but I doubt that this year we will have an even worse winter. There was so much snow last year, and it would be amazing if this year we were still able to get more snow than last year.

  2. I remember last year! It was fun at the beginning but after a while it got old. I hope we don’t get MORE snow than last year, but a few good snowfalls would be nice!

  3. So far, it looks like nothing but I hope it snows something worthwhile that is sledable so I can with my neighbors

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